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My Open Source Projects:
aiParts C++ Artificial Intelligence Parts
deawk Tiny double-entry bookkeeping
system using awk and shell scripts
ChkDB Rule-based data checking
MCOV Monte Carlo Option Valuer
My Open Source Application
rrproj Assign people/equipment to projects
(part of the aiParts Project)
For Placer Miners and Prospectors in BC
BC Placer Placer Mining Information


I am not the only Brian Marshall in Calgary

Went to Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary in the late 1970s and then the University of Calgary until I withdrew in my second year. Became a software developer.



  Brian Marshall in Calgary

My Writing

My Information Website

aiPatterns - Pandemonium and (my) Emotions

My Shorter Pieces

Didn't Buy Placer Claim - Why I didn't buy a placer gold mining claim that was for sale on the Fraser River - that at the machine digging level, it was going to cost more and take more years than I expected.

Data Quality and Data Profiling - a glossary of terms

My Old Articles About Open Source

"The Generation Gap" - open-source components in closed-source applications
(Linux Journal, Issue 72 - Strictly On-Line, Apr 2000)

"The Cash and the Calling" - the potential of open-source AI parts
(Linux Gazette, Issue 46, Oct 1999 - no longer available online)