Home Page of Brian Marshall (in Calgary)

My Open Source Projects:
aiParts C++ Artificial Intelligence Parts
deawk Tiny double-entry bookkeeping
system using awk and shell scripts
ChkDB Rule-based data checking
MCOV Monte Carlo Option Valuer
My Open Source Application
rrproj Assign people/equipment to projects
(part of the aiParts Project)
For Placer Miners and Prospectors in BC
BC Placer Placer Mining Information


  Went to Lord Beaverbrook High School in Calgary in the late 1970s and then the University of Calgary until I withdrew in my second year. Became a software developer.  


Old Writing

My Information Website

aiPatterns - Pandemonium and (my) Emotions

Shorter Pieces

Didn't Buy Placer Claim - Why I didn't buy a placer gold mining claim that was for sale on the Fraser River - that at the machine digging level, it was going to cost more and take more years than I expected.

Data Quality and Data Profiling - a glossary of terms

My Old Articles About Open Source

"The Generation Gap" - open-source components in closed-source applications
(Linux Journal, Issue 72 - Strictly On-Line, Apr 2000)

"The Cash and the Calling" - the potential of open-source AI parts
(Linux Gazette, Issue 46, Oct 1999 - no longer available online)