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About aiParts

aiParts is a set of C++ classes that can be used to develop artificial intelligence for multi-decision problems. It includes classes that implement the High-Hope technique and some sample programs.

Release and Credit details are on the Releases page.

This page has been translated into Spanish by Maria Ramos from Webhostinghub.com/support/edu.

The High-Hope Classes

An application can assemble a problem from subclasses of the High-Hope classes. The High-Hope problem class has a solve() function that will search for a good solution.

The High-Hope technique is a type of machine-learning. Options have models of emotions. The software learns about the solution space by repeatedly trying to find a good solution. Emotions affect tries which affect emotions. Emotions control the balance between exploring the unknown and taking advantage of what has been learned.

The technique is an application of AI Patterns.

Two of the sample programs use the High-Hope classes. They can be used to solve a variety of problems, or as a starting point in custom development.

  • A-to-B - find the shortest path from A to B" using only distance information, not spatial information
  • rrproj - assign people and/or equipment to projects or events

Applications for aiParts

aiParts can be used:
  • in applications, to make decisions or solve problems
  • as a framework for AI research and development

Examples of multi-decision problems:

  • navigating through streets, pipelines or networks
  • assigning packages to couriers
  • assigning people and equipment to projects
  • staff scheduling
  • scheduling steam-injection in a heavy-oil field
  • exploring a decision-tree too large too search

The aipPandemonium class is used as a container-class for:

  • sets, lists
  • structure in one-to-many relationships