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Old Software Page

The aiParts project evolved from work that began in 1991. In the past, the following experimental software was released and licensed so that anybody could use it for anything.

The current aiParts software is on the Download Page.

old aiParts

This is the result of an earlier phase of this project. At the time, software called aiParts 1.1.1 was released - it is not part of the current aiParts project.

This software is a package of C++ parts that provide artificial intelligence related functionality. It includes:

  • Classes implementing approximate values
  • Classes implementing goodness, importance, likelihood
  • The Dirt-Hard classes implementing Dirty-hard problems
  • Sample classes to solve 'Student-Room' problems
  • Very simple application to solve 'Student-Room' problems
  • Minimal code example of a strategy
and some lower-level supporting stuff like value-ranges and exceptions.

This software was basically working but required testing.

The software did not implement the High-Hope strategy for dealing with arbitrarily constrained hard problems.

WorkForce - Experimental Staff Scheduling Software

WorkForce is a staff-scheduling program written in C++. It reads input files describing your employees and shifts and constraints, and writes the best schedule it finds to an output file.

It was briefly tested in a hotel in Calgary, and it seemed that it would handle their problems. It required more testing. The AI was (and is) experimental.

This software was written between 1992 and 1995 as part of the research that turned into the aiParts project. It is an early implementation of the High Hope strategy.