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aiParts Open Source Project

aiParts is an Open Source project that develops software parts that implement artificial intelligence.

The software distributed by the aiParts project is copyrighted by its authors and then licensed with the MIT License and as such, it is OSI Certified Open Source Software.

This means that you can do pretty much whatever you want with aiParts software... use it, distribute it, build it into other software, whatever.

When you get aiParts software, you get the source code. You have control of your software (regardless of what this project does in the future).

Contributions are always welcome: software, documentation, testing, suggestions, bug reports, enhancement requests, comments and criticism. See the Future Development notes.

aiParts is currently focused on the High-Hope technique for multi-decision problems. Anyone is welcome to contribute software parts that implement other approaches to artificial intelligence.

For more information, contact Brian Marshall at: bmarshal@agt.net.

See www.opensource.org for information on the Open Source Initiative.