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aiParts Releases and Credits

aiParts can be downloaded from the Download page.

Source files can be viewed on the Source Files page.

Initial Release: aiParts 0.8.0 on Oct-11-2005

See the end of this page for Old Credits and old releases.


[BRM] Brian Marshall - Calgary - bmarshal@agt.net

Release History

  Release Date Status  

  0.9.3 2008-Nov-05 Beta  
includes rrproj, a new sample program which assigns
people and/or equipment to projects or events.
README.txt was improved.

  0.9.2 2008-Sep-30 Beta  
rr_solve.h/cpp were renamed to aipReqRes.h/cpp;
classes declared in these files were renamed.
README.txt was improved.

  0.9.1 2008-Sep-14 Beta  
README.txt was improved.

  0.9.0 2008-Sep-01 Beta  
   new: date/time and time-of-day classes
   new random number generator; simplified logging
   new functions to get values and sub-strings from strings
   new: base class for importances
   pandemoniums can be ordered and optionally distinct by keys
   new iterator functions: last(), prev(), find()
   removed delete_aspect(), delete_emotion()
   removed delete_option()
   support for option sharing (and, later, trivial decisions)
   decisions can be decided multiple times; new note_decide()
   removed decision-groups, decision.m_opt_prev
   new classes to solve requirement-resource problems
   based on the HighHope classes

  0.8.5 2005-Nov-20 Beta  
In this release, the High-Hope classes have been enhanced
and two minor bugs were fixed. Other minor code changes
were made in four files.
aipHighHope.h/cpp -
   added support for decision-groups
   modified constant Curiosity_Starting
   failed try that got further is optionally an improvement
   failed-decision hope-fear is increased
   worst decision has extra affect on solution compare-value
   moved call to disable_slowly_degrade() to aipHope
   fixed minor bug re: problem members: m_is_many_xxx
   fixed minor bug re: m_tries_since_change_count
aipEmotion, aipDecision.cpp, aipProblem.cpp, aipHighHope.cpp -
   take_msg() now uses pandemonium take_msg()

  0.8.4 2005-Nov-17 Beta  
This is a primarily a code-improvement release - behavior
should not change from aiParts 0.8.3. Support was added
for a set of decisions sharing a set of options.
aipHighHope.h/cpp -
   moved logic in problem to aspects of hope
   added aipHHHope aipHHFearAspect, aipHHGreedAspect, aipHHCuriosityAspect
   added aipHHSolveStat, aipHHProblem::try_to_find_solution()
   removed redundant rand() function
   moved random_num() to class aipBase
aipDecision.h/cpp -
   support for decisions sharing a set of options
   comment change
aipPandemonium.h/cpp, samp_pandemonium.cpp -
   can now add demon without owning it
aipEmotion.h -
   hope: fear, greed, curiosity are now aspects
   simplified base class aipCompEmotion
   made const: aipHope::greed(), fear(), curiosity()
   aipHope::weaken(), strengthen(), set_g() removed
   aipHope::weaken_fear(), strengthen_greed(), etc. removed
aipBase.h/cpp -
   random_num() now in aipBase
samp_decision.cpp -
   improved sample problem series of messages
samp_a_to_b.cpp, samp_a2b.cpp -
   removed call to a2bDecision::set_decision()
   modified to log tries using aipHHSolveStat
   Removed version number from final output.

  0.8.3 2005-Nov-02 Beta  
samp_a2b.h/cpp, samp_a_to_b.cpp -
   start, end, num-try, logging-level on the command line
   usage help from the command line
   improved try-logging
aipHighHope.h/cpp -
   fixed is_improved bug; improved code in solve()
aipPandemonium.h/cpp, samp_pandemonium.cpp -
   made pandemonium a queue (used to be a stack)
aipBase.h/cpp -
   added aip_strncpy() that always terminates dest string

  0.8.2 2005-Oct-30 Alpha  
samp_a2b.h/cpp, samp_a_to_b.cpp -
   option-distance no longer affects choice of option
   added optional option-logging, and other small changes
aipHighHope.h/cpp -
   fixed hope calculation bug (compound emotion being current)
   major changes: how tries affect hope on decisions, options
   if more than one best option, choose randomly
   now considering tries-since-change, and other small changes
aipEmotion.h/cpp -
   removed public non-constant access to hope components
   weaken functions now do not weaken to aipNeutral
   added floor() and ceiling(), and other small changes
aipPandemonium.cpp -
   small change for a new compiler - code now more standard
aipDecision.h/cpp -
   support for choosing randomly from multiple best options
aipGood.h/cpp -
   added constants aipPrettyGood and aipPrettyBad
   samp_deer_fear.h, samp_decision.cpp -
   small changes to stay/run-away point and series of messages

  0.8.1 2005-Oct-29 Alpha  
samp_a_to_b.cpp -
   Sample A-to-B problem made bigger and harder.
   Improved error-handling assembling the problem.
   Simplified specifying 2-way links.
aipHighHope.cpp -
   Fixed bug re: count since improvement
   Modified how decision and option hopes change
aipHighHope.h - Fixed a2bProblem::too_bad_to_go_on() bug
Improved comments and ability to debug.
Requires more work on decision and option hope changing.

  0.8.0 2005-Oct-11 Alpha  
First release of aiParts software - ready for more testing
and experimenting. Written by [BRM].

Historical and Old Credits

aiParts, in its current form, was developed in 2005 and
significantly enhanced in 2008.

aiParts evolved from work done by Brian Marshall, off and on,
between 1991 and 2003.

In 1999, there was an aiParts 1.1.1; that software was
replaced by this project.

Late in the earlier work, in the old aiParts 1.1.1:
Aubrey Soper - provided Makefile suggestions