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About rrproj

rrproj is free Open Source software that assigns people and/or equipment to projects.

rrproj is a sample program in the aiParts distribution.
It uses the aiparts:

  • Requirement-Resource classes
  • High-Hope classes and artificial intelligence technique

Some alpha-testing of the rrproj solver has been done. The test script runs a tiny test. Much more testing is required.

The rrproj solver is slow. This will be improved.

With an appropriate user-interface and database, the rrproj solver will be particularly useful for large engineering, construction and information technology firms.

With an appropriate GUI/DB, the solver could be useful for any size of project or event.

Making the rrproj Solver

Sample scripts are provided for building the solver program. See the files:
  • mk_rrproj_windows.bat
  • mk_rrproj_linux.sh

These scripts must be run from the directory in which they reside.

For more information, see the Making Programs page.

Testing the rrproj Solver

Sample scripts are provided for testing the solver program. See the files:
  • test_rrproj.bat - for Windows
  • test_rrproj.sh - for Linux

The make script must be run before the test script.

The test script runs the solver program,
which reads: test_rrproj_in.dat and writes: test_rrproj_out.dat

After running the solver, the test script compares:
test_rrproj_out.dat and test_rrproj_out0.dat

The file created by the solver should be the same as a file created during earlier testing.

Using rrproj

A free Open Source graphical user-interface and database will be developed using Open Office version 3.

Your organization can develop an applications to use the solver, or the solver can be integrated into other software.

The rrproj solver can be used in two ways:

  • as a program that reads and writes disk files
  • linked into a C++ application

The make script compiles and links a program that uses disk files.

Running Multiple Times

In some applications, the user may want to run the solver multiple times, changing:
  • any of the problem-data
  • number of times the solver tries to find a solution

These changes can result in the solver finding a different best solution.

Development Notes

A GUI/DB will be developed with Open Office 3.

A better C++ call interface is planned.
A Windows DLL version of the solver is planned.

The solver can provide solution data by day or week.
The ability to get solution data by month is planned.