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aiParts Source Files

The aiParts source files can be viewed from this page.

(Download the software from the Download page.)

Two of the sample programs use the High-Hope technique:

rrproj_main.cpp creates a problem using classes from rrproj_prob.h
which are derived from the Requirement-Resource classes
which are derived from the High-Hope classes.

Generally, the software in each row (after the first two rows) requires the aip software in the rows above it...

Provides Header File Function Bodies Sample Program
Time and Date aipTime.h aipTime.cpp samp_time.cpp
Goodness aipGood.h aipGood.cpp samp_good.cpp
Messages, Logging, etc. aipBase.h aipBase.cpp see aipHighHope.cpp
Pandemonium aipPandemonium.h aipPandemonium.cpp samp_pandemonium.cpp
Emotions aipEmotion.h aipEmotion.cpp see samp_decision.cpp
Decisions aipDecision.h aipDecision.cpp see samp_decision.cpp
Emotion-Decision sample samp_deer_fear.h samp_deer_fear.cpp samp_decision.cpp
Importance aipImportance.h none none
Problems aipProblem.h aipProblem.cpp see aipHighHope.h
High-Hope technique aipHighHope.h aipHighHope.cpp see samp_a_to_b.cpp
and rrproj_main.cpp
Shortest-Path Sample samp_a2b.h samp_a2b.cpp samp_a_to_b.cpp
Requirement/Resource aipReqRes.h aipReqRes.cpp rrproj_main.cpp
rrproj problem rrproj_prob.h rrproj_prob.cpp see rrproj_main.cpp
solve rrproj problem rrproj_solv.h rrproj_solv.cpp see rrproj_main.cpp
build rrproj solver rrproj_fctry.h rrproj_fctry.cpp see rrproj_main.cpp