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Using aiParts

There are two approaches to using aiParts...

The first approach is to:

  • Identify the most abstract layer of aiParts that is appropriate for your problem and develop a set of subclasses that specialize them for your problem.
  • Write a program that assembles a problem from your new classes and call the appropriate virtual function(s) - like: yourDecision.decide() or yourProblem.solve().

The second approach is to:

  • Identify the sample program (or other software using aiParts) that is closest to your problem, and take a copy of the source files.
  • Identify the classes that specialize the aiParts software for the particular problem and incrementally modify them to address your problem.

The second approach is easier because you learn how the aiParts software works as you go, rather than having to learn about it right from the start.

Running Multiple Times

In some applications, the user may want to run the solver-software multiple times, changing:
  • any of the problem-data
  • number of times the solver tries to find a solution

These changes can result in the solver finding a different best solution.