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aiParts and Your Application

You can use aiParts in your application.

You get the benefit of other people writing, debugging and testing the fundamental AI, inside an application that is your intellectual property.

To use the aiParts classes, you (or someone) will probably have to create subclasses that are specialized for your problem.

For example, samp_a2b.h and samp_a2b.cpp specialize the High-Hope classes to solve shortest-path problems; samp_a_to_b.cpp is the tiny application that uses these classes.

Subclasses that you develop are your intellectual property; you can make them Open Source if you want.

You will have a copy of the aiParts source code, so you have control over your software (regardless of what the aiParts project does).

For more information, email Brian Marshall at bmarshal@agt.net

or phone +1 403-651-0584 (and leave a message if necessary)