Artificial Intellegence Patterns

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C++ Implementation



Pandemonium Architecture

Pits, Layers and Multi-Layer Pits

Pits - simple pandemonium
The simplest implementation of pandemonium is a pit of shrieking independent demons. The owner of the pit listens to the shrieking, presumably paying most attention to the loudest shrieks.

Layers - levels of abstraction or processing
Multiple pits may be organized into layers, with the output of one layer going to the layer above it. A layer may be a pit of independent demons, or the demons may be organized in some way (ex. one for each pixel in an image).

Multi-Layer Pits - every demon hears everything
Multiple layers of demons may shriek in the same pit. The owner and all the demons can hear all the shrieking. An individual demon only pays attention shrieks coming from demons in the layer below. The owner generally pays attention to the output of the top layer. The top layer may be composed of one or more demons that organize and buffer the information for the owner.