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Hello! And welcome to my homepage.

The purpose of this homepage is to serve as a personal
reference guide so that, when you pick up my URL from
a usenet posting, or an e-mail, or my business card, or perhaps
someday from a novel, story or article I've written, you can
discover answers to the question uppermost in your mind:

"Who IS this weirdo anyway?

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Here's what there is to know:

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Please note that my web pages have been designed to download fast. If they seem a little boring in style, consider how exciting it would be to be waiting for some huge coloured JPG images to arrive. (Actually, there are a fair number of those here, but they are optional and you get a warning first).

NOTE!! Multitudinous updates are coming REAL SOON! [October 2003] Promise!

Here is my e-mail address. Sorry to make you type it out, but a webpage e-mail link seems to be a spam magnet...Here's my e-mail address if you'd like to drop me a line...

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