Disclaimer: To whom it may concern --

Despite the fact that I work for TELUS Communications (formerly AGT Ltd.), have 'agt.net' as my email address, and have an agt.net or TelusPlanet.net domain for my Web homepage, and even sometimes post to Usenet or send e-mail from the group PC at work under the name 'PNOC_Switching', I nevertheless have no official or unofficial position as a spokesman for TELUS Communications or TELUSPLAnet. I'm just another customer...I don't even get a subsidy on my internet rates. (I wish!)

In short, I do not in any way speak for TELUS or have any official capacity to investigate or take complaints or communicate in any way to TELUS on any person's behalf but my own. No statement by me is binding on TELUS Communications, nor is any explanation by me of any TELUS practice or policy liable to be based on anything but my own general (and possibly mistaken or inaccurate) knowlege. In short, I work there, take my money and go home. End of story.

If you have a problem with your TELUS or TELUS PLAnet account or services, check the front pages of your phone directory -- there is more than enough information about TELUS practices and policies and internal departments there to iron out any question or problem you may have. They're eager to hear from you....really!

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