My hobbies include shooting rifle and pistol, playing the bagpipes and tinkering with my computer. I got started in shooting many years ago when my father and I walked down the country road that ran past my home and shot cans off a fencepost with his old Cooey .22 rifle. I was a regular on my high school rifle team, which won a 'Second in Commonwealth' award in 1970. (I have the yearbook picture to prove it...exactly what competition it was escapes me.)

Over the years I have belonged to a variety of pistol clubs, but have never shot handguns competitively. My taste in handguns is broad, but generally I prefer older military pistols and revolvers, and modern versions of same.

I learned to play the bagpipes as a member of the Calgary Highlanders, a Canadian Forces Militia regiment. My main instructor was CWO Robert W. Henderson, who was the pipe major of the band until 1997. My skill is modest, but there is no finer experience in getting a set of pipes tuned up and then blasting away at a march, jig or slow air. I left the Highlanders a number of years ago, but I still remember my times there most fondly...and still pick up a dollar or two playing my pipes at private engagements...weddings, funerals and the like.

Tinkering with computers is a relatively new just seems to me that I can build a better computer than I can buy. I started off by assembling a 486 DX4-100 multi-media machine for my wife, which worked after only a tiny bit of professional help (who'da thunk that Intel would sell a bad CPU chip?) My next project involved upgrading my own computer with a new PCI motherboard and CPU, and recycling many of the leftover parts into a computer for my kids. Good fun. Future projects will involve putting together a Pentium, or a Pentium Pro to run OS/2 Warp V.4 voice applications and then networking several computers around my home together.

I also collect lamps from the pre-1960 era, the more...ummmm...distinctive, the better. I've put some examples on a separate page.


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