My Fabulous Lamp Collection

I don't know what it is about lamps that attracts me. Could it be akin to why Ayn Rand approved of smoking so much....that it puts the power of fire (or light, anyway) at man's fingertips? Was it because learning how to rewire table lamps was the first thing I enjoyed learning in my junior-high shop class, and a precursor to the technical career in which I now find myself? Was it that I used to enjoy blowing fuses at home as a child to annoy my parents and sister? Or do I merely have strange taste in home furnishings? You be the judge.....

(Each photo is linked to a larger .JPG rendition .. just click to see each lamp in its full glory... These JPGs were converted from my own photos, originally developed on a Kodak PhotoCD. I am not entirely satisfied with some of these images, and I'll see what I can do about it for my NEXT update of these pages. )

Clump of red plastic balls with a spray of spiky foliage on top
This little number is made of plastic balls and has a tiny chandelier bulb inside it. It is perfect for the top of the TV, since the cats can't really hurt it by knocking it down. It may be was obtained at a yard sale. (Image=11.5K)

ceramic pink flamingos
Yes, it's a flamingo. I bought this great '50's TV lamp at a shop here in Calgary moments after the owner had a minor mental breakdown and declared all her collectible objects for sale at half price. It was a steal. Nevertheless, it is about the most expensive of my lamps, and the most valuable (in the right market...) This one will NOT go on the TV. (Image=16K)

pale brass-coloured sculpture of a man with shotgun and a pack of dogs
This cast-potmetal treasure is the envy of my predatory
carnivore pals. I got it at a local antique show. Unfortunately
it is a cheap knock-off (tho' not a recent one) of a better
quality brass version. The glass bulb cover isn't original either.
I still love it. It will go on my fireplace mantlepiece whenever
I get it built. (Image=18K)

Weird 'S' shaped wooden and metal form with two small shades
This beauty was found in a little junk/antique shop on
Duluth St. in Monteal during our last (05/96) visit. I'm not sure,
but I believe I've seen illustrations of this lamp here and's
definitely a classic. I have heard that there's a floor model as
well....the grail! (Image=27K)

base of Plaster of Paris in the shape of a blackened stump; ugly toffee-coloured shade
This lamp was given to me by the charming and vivacious Marie Smith of Ft. Collins, Colorado...mother of libertarian S-F novelist and essayist L.Neil Smith.
I was visiting the Smith family a few years ago at Thanksgiving, and
happened to mention my ambition to start a collection of tacky lamps.
Marie immediately presented me with this lamp (which I have nicknamed
'Camille'). As I recall, she told me that she had been given it as a wedding
present, and it hadn't seen the light of day since.

Actually I think it's an alien artifact, but those
bastards at CSICOP won't return my calls. (Image=22.5K)

Two tiny elephants standing on balls
This truly nifty little stamped steel and cast potmetal lamp was
found in a 'junktique' shop on Queen St W. in Toronto when Jessica
and I were visiting a couple of years ago. It need a paint job and
rewiring, but after those little chores it was perfect. This lamp sits
on my bedside table, right next to the .44 Magnum. (joke) (Image=12K)

fat copper-coloured nude woman reclining on a rock
My darling wife sometimes mentions to guests that my treasured lamps are
entirely a matter of MY taste, and have nothing to do with her.
AAAAaaaaank! Wrong! SHE brought this one home from the antique show last fall ('96).
While I can't imagine anything cooler than a naked-lady lamp, the really
distinctive feature of this piece is the spatterware glass shade. It is
actually made of bits of coloured glass melted together and formed into
a molded cover. Rare and valuable: dates (we think) from the 1920's. Brothel chic at its best...(Image=17K)

This is just a sampling of my collection. In future updates I'll feature some more of my treasures.... (That is NOT a threat...)

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