Misc. Links

Here's a big jumble of links that I personally find useful...feel free to explore them at will. If you find any busted links, please drop me a note. (Latest update Oct. 4/98)

By the way, if this page looks all mashed together, it's because you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer. For some mysterious reason, MSIE fails to support the very useful SPACER tag. Since Microsoft inexplicably has neglected to produce a version of MSIE for OS/2 Warp, I can't very well check to see how my pages look with it. Sorry, Internet Explorers....I suggest that you use Netscape Navigator instead.

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Not all groups will be available from all servers...

comp.os.os2.announce comp.os.os2.apps comp.os.os2.beta comp.os.os2.bugs comp.os.os2.comm

 comp.os.os2.games comp.os.os2.mail-news comp.os.os2.moderated comp.os.os2.multimedia

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You can find out some breed background of my cats here...

Korat FAQ  Korat World Tejas Bengal Cats ShereKhan Bengal Cattery

Cam Girls

Yup -- I like to look. If the sight of skin or sexy escapades bothers you, pass on by...

AjaCam...Aja is a good buddy. DaviaCam...a cute Calgary girl

Andrea Chisholm's Studio Cam...Andrea is a cute Calgary businesswoman (PG-13 rated).


Most of these newsmagazines are updated daily...

Alberta Report CYBERSun Alberta Game Warden SALON 1999

Bourque NewsWatch Canada DRUDGE REPORT Calgary Herald Sympatico News

Yahoo! Liberty Issues Nerve Magazine Forbes Columnists

 News Hub 32 Bits Online Magazine OS News Jewish World ReviewSlashDotMen's Health


The Screaming Capitalist Bank Of Montreal Motley Fool 

Free Folk

Jean-Francoise Avon Cory Brickner B. D. Caplan James Galactus

L. Neil Smith Webley Page Romana Machado Sean Strasburg

 Curt Howland Psycho DaveAdam Starchild 

Friends and Family

Pierre Lemieux Mark Laughlin

The Judds L. Neil Smith Grendel&Justine 

Fun Stuff

This is stuff that mostly makes me laugh...cartoons and TV timewasters...

Evil Overlord's List Heros' Rules Official Highlander Site Unofficial Highlander Site

Official XENA Page Dilbert Daily Wav Archive

Attack Cartoons Keirsey Temperment Sorter SETI@Home

Mr. Cranky Ain't It Cool News Helen: Sweetheart of the Internet 


Yeah, I play a few games...what else is Windows 95/98 for, anyway?

Talos Tomb Raider Home Page id Software

The Croft Times Redwood Stomped Zamshin's GL Dojo

Guns & Etc.

Shootin' irons and commentary on them...

Canadian Firearms CDN RFC Directory Combat Handguns Cooper's Commentaries Mas Ayoob

Gunpress Shooters.Com National Firearms Association 2nd Amendment Scholarship Robar Guns 


Not just computer hardware, either...

AOpen Home Page The Edge Company Museum Replicas Tartantown 

Intergraph Crystal Semiconductors AMD K6 Page Tom Pabst's Hardware Guide MSSI

AnandTech AMD ZoneMatrox Users Resource Centre Maximum PC

IBM Links

Warp Updates Warp Software IBM Alphaworks 

Libertarian Links

Henke Bejke Pages ISIL Free-Market.Com Libertarian Round Table Laissez-Faire Books

Libertarian Enterprise Agorist.Org Free Nation Foundation Quackgrass Press Libertarian Party

 Libertarian Library Memory Hole 


Both commercial music and Internet stuff noted here...

Bruce Wyman Daedalus Classical MIDIs Kosmic Free Music Foundation

Madbrain Morbid Minds N.O.I.S.E. Ultimate Sound Page

Tori Amos Sarah MacLachlan Jane Siberry Nebula Music SubLevel Three

Pat Benatar HP Delerium 

Neat Stuff

This are links to places that just make you go 'Hmmmmm.....'

Kurt Saxon Website DisInformation Valentine Armouries Almaden CattleCam

House of Tartan Doctor OzoneP. J. O'Roarke

OS/2 Warp Info

Plenty of info about my favorite operating system...

Best Of OS/2 Cincy TeamOS/2 Ultimate OS/2 Games Page OS/2 News and Rumors

Netscape/2 Unofficial Home Page OS/2 SuperSite OS/2 E-Zine Unofficial OS/2 Homepage

Warp Tuning Tips Warp Central Warp Version 5 Warp City  Netscape Plugins 

OS/2 Mining Co.   Judy's Warped World Jeff's OS/2 Links OS/2 Benchmark Center 


Protect your privacy! Read all about it!

OS/2 PGP Rivertown PGP E-Secure Blowfish 

Anonymity Parkin's PGP PageThe International PGP Home Page 


Diane's Homepage Ministry of Justice Reform Party of Canada Electronic Frontier Canada

Science Fiction Stuff

Hardwired LOCUS Reviews SciFi Weekly SFWA

Speculations Tangents Babylon 5 Lurker's Page 

Software Sources

Mostly OS/2 sites, but a few others of a more general nature...

Filepile Hobbes Must-Have.Com Stardock

Tucows BMT Micro The Power-Users BBS 

Web Bookstores

Words, words, words...

Pulpless E-Text Amazon Books Internet Books


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