I am not an anarchist...my political views aren't that developed. I do believe we should abolish compulsory taxation and see how much government we have left after a few years. I'm betting there wouldn't be much.

I'm a member of the International Society For Individual Liberty ...a highly worthy and arguably the best Libertarian organization extant. Jessica and I attended the ISIL world conference in Whistler B.C. in August 1996 and had a really great time.

I'm a signatory to the Covenant of Unanimous Consent, a political document written by my good friend L. Neil Smith. A number of Neil's excellent political essays and other information may be found on L. Neil Smith's Webley Pages.

I am a member of the National Firearms Association of Canada... this country's largest (in terms of membership) civil-rights protection organization.

I am also a proponent of the Fully Informed Jury concept.

Finally, I am a current member and supporter of the Reform Party of Canada...not because I am totally in love with their policies or platform, but because they will slow, if not stop, the forces of statism in Canada. Possibly they will even reverse the trend. The matter is too urgent to be terribly picky, just at the moment.

I worked on the campaign of Diane Ablonczy, MP in Calgary North during the '93 federal election, acting as her press secretary. Needless to say, her success was entirely due to my efforts.

Here is a shot of me and the Smith family at the Homestead Range near Greely Colorado last September.

From L to R, me, Neil, Cathy Smith, Rylla Smith, and on the end Tyr May, son of Rex F. (Baloo) May, the National Review/Liberty cartoonist. Tyr is a member of the U.S.M.C. and a recent graduate of the Marine Sniper School, and a heck of a nice young fellow.

I've got a .45 Colt automatic, Neil is cuddling his Ruger Mini-30 and Cathy has her .40 S&W EAA Witness. Tyr did a little shooting with an Russian SKS carbine; Rylla has a .22 Ruger Bearcat but didn't bring it that day.

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