Our Big Spotty Cat

Mr. Spot

Our third cat is Mystic Hills Temujin Khan (aka Spot), a purebred Bengal male alter. He's a very different kind of cat from the Korats. Now that he has reached his full growth, he is larger than both the other cats together. Fortunately, Bengals are a good natured lot, and all three cats are a happy little family.

We weren't sure about Spot's show potential...Bengals don't really show their quality until they are fully grown (Spot was born 96/04/13) though we could tell at an early age that he had a beautifully marked and coloured coat. Unfortunately, a lot of his quality and colour doesn't really show through in the pictures on this web page, and I've cropped his tail (photographically), as it takes up a lot of space...it's an especially thick, lively tail.

Spot didn't do terribly well at his first show, as his greedy eating habits put him into a quite unacceptable pear shape. After a bit of regulation in the grocery department, he slimmed down nicely and in his second show went to TICA Double Grand Champion status, and made Quad Grand Champ in his third (and most recent) show. We expect he'll go to Supreme Grand Champ in his next show....

Spot is a product of Don and Lynn Palmer's Mystic Hills cattery, an extensive (though home-based) breeding operation in Bozeman, Montana. Owing to the newness of the Bengal cat breed, Lynn and Don frequently have pet-quality as well as show-quality cats.

The ferocious one...

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