I write one word at a time. It's a helluva chore.

The purpose of my writing is to explore the characters and activities of people living in a non-utopian libertarian society. I don't believe that large amounts of political and social freedom will necessarily make people better or worse than they are in our current society...but I do believe it will give them greater scope to act upon their natures...with correspondingly great benefits, and dangers. These novels are not political polemics, however. Beyond what is necessary to the setting of the story, I try to make the political aspect merely the water in which my characters swim like fish...utterly important, yet unnoticed.

So far I have written one novel, CONSCIENCE OF ANARCHY, and a few short stories. Despite some praise for these efforts, I have yet to connect with a publisher. In the near future I plan to have the stories and a novel excerpt available as zipped ascii file downloads from this site. I'd be interested in your opinion on whether my stories are badly written, or just too politicallly incorrect to be borne. I am currently at work on a second novel, BADGE OF ANARCHY, and am projecting at least two more novels beyond that.

If you're an editor or publisher, I can have a manuscript submission on its way upon your request. (yes, dreaming in technicolour).

Update (98/05/05): Okay -- work on BADGE has been going slowly. I've got a few partial chapters and a pile of notes and plot ideas. I'd like to have this puppy done by the end of this year...so here's a deal. I'm going to use this page as a writing diary, updating it about as frequently as I make any progress on BADGE. If I haven't updated this page within 5 days (I work 12-hour shifts several days in a row, so there will be gaps in my available time...) of when you see it, drop me an email and give me hell, okay?

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