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Medi-Dart Crossbow

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Treat your cattle in all the right ways, in all the right places

Welcome to Medi-Dart Online!

New! What the Medi-Dart crossbow in action!

Medi-Darts are tools for giving intramuscular or subcutaneous injections to livestock without the need to restrain the animal. Medi-Dart's unique needle design holds the dart in the animal until the medication is delivered. Once the injection is complete the needle is pushed out of the animal by our patented system.

Made for Cattlemen by Cattlemen

Better for the Cattle Producer

Better for the Cattle

  • No need to restrain the animal and the animal can be treated easily on pasture or in the pen.
  • Keeps problems from getting out of hand because the animal can be treated sooner, with less stress than with conventional methods.
  • Less time is needed to medicate the animal because it is a one-person mobile treatment system.
  • Low cost - nothing else to buy
  • Low maintenance
  • Low stress on your animals.
  • No chasing - No restraining
  • Keeps the animal with the herd.
  • Keeps the animal on feed rations.