If you haven't seen it yet, a Chip's Challenge Editor has been created, look for it at Chip's Challenge Editor. Cached Feb. 2001. This program allows you to create your own CC levels and play them. Neat. You can also e-mail levels to your friends and have them play them (but they can cheat by looking at your level in the editor).

John Elion ( has sent me a copy of his help file for the editor in rich text format. Look for it at chipedit.rtf . You can save this as a Word document and then print it at your location.

Here's some information from Douglas Holmes on the 
XOR - exclusive OR function. If you treat each character as its underlying binary code and XOR with the mask 1100 0011 you will translate the password character into the displayable character or vice-versa. Each bit character is changed if the mask has a 1 and left alone if it has a 0 in the corresponding place. The documentation I picked up at your site has a table of characters and equivalents, this was just the reasoning as to why they matched up the way they did. 

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