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When you have won the Chip's Challenge and completed all 149 levels, let me know your name and I'll add you to the Chip's Challenge Hall of Fame below.

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Submitted May 2007.  My name is Mary Smith, and I am from Columbus, OH.  I have been playing Chip's Challenge on and off for many years (since the early 1990's.)  Recently I was playing the game with my nephews and that rekindled an interest in finishing all the levels (including ones that I had previously skipped).  Many tired fingers and late nights later, I have finished all 149 levels!  What I like about this game is that it is much simpler in concept and graphics than the expensive games available now, but it is also really challenging.  (I got my copy of Windows Entertainment Pack off the back of a cereal box for $5.00 plus UPCs, and Chip's Challenge has kept me entertained for many years).  I discovered your website when I was stuck on a level and was looking for help.  I am fascinated to learn that there is a Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, and am about to embark on another 149 levels.  My final score for CC1 was 3,772,865 points, but I did finish all the levels!  In my opinion, the hardest levels were level 105 (SHORT CIRCUIT), level 136 (DOUBLEMAZE), level 140 (ICEDEATH), level 142 (PENTAGRAM), level 143 (STRIPES), level 147 (FORCE FIELD), level 149 (SPECIAL).  I hate drawing maps and use that as a last resort, and these were the levels I couldn't solve without maps.  I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who is addicted to this game!

Submitted June 2003. Hi, my name is Linus Olsson, and I'd like to be put in the Hall Of Fame, since I've finally completed all 149 levels! I solved almost everything by myself. I only used a few hints from my friends on some levels, but no map or guide at all! The levels I find the hardest are the ones that require speed and precision, and therefore, level 23 - BLOBNET, level 91 - JUMPING SWARM and level 133 - BLOBDANCE nearly drove me crazy! But I'm proud of one thing: I actually solved level 147 - FORCE FIELD all by myself, without a map or anything! And I completed level 136 - DOUBLEMAZE by just moving around until I made it. Took me nearly two hours, but I did it! Another thing that's funny is that I never have had any trouble with level 31 - KNOT, and level 88 - SPIRALS, like other people seem to have. My final score isn't that high (4033843), but I'm not focusing on records, the only thing that matters is that I finally solved the whole game. My favourite levels are level 75 - STEAM, level 90 - PLAYHOUSE, level 45 - MONSTER LAB plus a few more. Mail me at if you wish.

I'm Peter and last day I FINALLY played out level 147. My score is now 5,945,410 but I'm still improving my scores. The levels I had most trouble on were: GOLDKEY, BLOCK BUSTER and (of course) FORCE FIELD.

I am Mike L. and my score (right now) is 5,969,560. I have a website: I've also worked hard on making 133 levels. (actually, not all of them were made by me.) Those are at the Yahoo group. and I'm working on a new set with 149 levels...58 done so far.

Hi.  I'm an avid fan of Chip's Challenge, and I'd like to request to be added to your hall of fame.  I've solved all 149 levels without any outside help.  My score so far in the game is 5,958,180, but I'm still not giving up. [Now at 5,972,160.] I used to think some of them were impossible, but I finally figured out a way.  I think the hardest level is level 91, JUMPING SWARM.  It's annoying and I hate it.  Heh, heh.  I made maps of all 149 levels (most of them before I discovered Ruben Spaans' mapmaker program).  I have tied the high scores in the following levels:  LESSONs 1 - 6, LESSON 8, BRUSHFIRE, NICE DAY, KNOT, CYPHER, BEWARE OF BUG, TRAFFIC COP, SLO MO, BOUNCE CITY, SUICIDE, LOBSTER TRAP, and TRUST ME. Jimmy Vermeer. See his site at 

As of February 2004, Jimmy's score is now 5,976, 020.

From Keith: "Your site was great, it inspired me to go beat the few levels I hadn't beaten yet, and all of a sudden, poof I was done, after all those years of failure :-) My current total is 5898850. Hopefully to be rising soon, thanks.

Brad McCleary writes that "my final score on CC1 is 5,951,400; this is the best I can do." So that seems to be the practical limit of the high score on Chip's Challenge. The 6 million point mark is an elusive dream.

From Thomas DaSilva: "I'd beaten all of the Chip's Challenge levels about a year ago, and just a few days ago I started playing again to improve my scores. I've improved my score to 5,218,145 so far. I couldn't have done half of the levels without help from you and other Chip sites. Thank you! I discovered the Chip's Challenge game three years ago at my neighbor's house, just before I entered fourth grade. I loved it and soon I got my own copy. I did pretty good, but somewhere along the line my computer had some kind of problem and I lost all my progress. I started again, and ended up beating all of the levels, but with a score somewhere only in the 4 millions. I haven't been playing much since until a few days ago. My plan is to do all the levels over again in order. I found I'd improved over those few years and got lots of new bonuses. The first level I had trouble on was EENY MINY MOE, but I eventually found a way to do it. Now I'm striving over ALPHABET SOUP- I can't handle the teeth behind the blue door. I'll figure it out soon, though. I'm worried about the upcoming BLOCK AND ROLL, I remember it was very tough
for me.

This is Dale Bryan <>. I have been playing Chips Challenge for about three years now. After completing the game (including levels 146-149, which I found from CYPHER), I began searching the web for the missing sound files (Thief and Bomb), and for the missing level 145. Your site was the first one I visited. The high score posts have inspired me to improve my score, which is now at 5,951,020.

From Jim Meehan and family. CC has been a family project for the past year, since we discovered it. Yesterday, I finished the last level, 147. Our final score (I should say "so far") is 3,565,713. Your site, by the way, helped us get to the invisible levels after we finished 144. Thanks! Anyway, all four of us contributed strong points to the cause: my younger daughter kept at it with determination to learn paths; my older daughter had the best finger dexterity for all the trickiest levels; my wife played enough repetitions to figure out the bugs; and I was the map-maker and map-reader (for about a dozen levels). Seeing the help by level on your site gave us encouragement to go on and finish the game. We knew of nobody else doing it, and thought we were pretty high (in the 70 - 100 range) and then found that there were others past us, and there was a source of help if we really needed it. I'm not sure we even used it, except as a curiosity or comparison thing on a couple levels. Of the two maps you provided for level 147 (Force Field), the Excel-type one (by Patty Sawyer-Ethen) helped me the most. I got to where I could get down to 5 pretty easily, but hit a wall. I couldn't get past it, until I really studied the map. Patty's map had one typo (W19 should point up [now changed so that it does-RF]). I couldn't get the color jpeg map to print the whole thing. Also, my two contributions on that site: I did the whole thing with arrow keys, except two times I needed the mouse (clicking to go up from U12 to U4, and clicking to go right from Y8 to AC12). Thanks again for your help!

Hi. We are Martin and Jan from Aachen in Germany. We have completed Chip`s Challenge, but we did it on 2 computers and gave the passwords to each other, so the finaly score on one of the computers is 1111493, on the other it is a little bit higher. Could anyone from Aachen, Muenster or Freiburg who play Chip`s Challenge please write us at

Hi. My name is Patrick Knowles II from MI. I have completed all 149 levels of Chips Challenge pretty much all by myself. My final score is 5,897,180. I can't quite hit the 5,900,000 mark!!! I had very few hints from various web sites including yours on certain levels that I had found to be unbelievably difficult. Most of those hints were used mostly to improve scores and times of levels I had already beaten or made those levels easier.

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