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Chuck's Challenge game is now available on iTunes at:




I started my CC page in 1995 when I couldn't find any solutions online. At that time I hadn't yet found Jaime Villacorte's notes. 

Since then a number of other sites have been created, the CC game has been reverse engineered, and a new game emulator 

has been created, called "Tile World"

If you are interested in playing Chip's Challenge, my suggestion is that you start at the awesome Anders Kaseorg site 

at My site will now be more of a museum of the Chip's Challenge game.  Richard Field.

Original Chip's Challenge Level Guides

Levels 1 to 15    Levels 16 to 30      Levels 31 to 45        Levels 46 to 60        Levels 61 to 75

Levels 76 to 90    Levels 91 to 105    Levels 106 to 120    Levels 121 to 135    Levels 136 to 149

Jaime Villacorte's CC Notes for Atari Chip dated May 1, 1990.

Jimmy Vermeer's CC Notes, Solutions and High Scores

Chip's Challenge Guide by Michael Gonzalez

Animated solutions to CC1 levels and CC2 levels

Getting the Game

Get new levels at the Yahoo newsgroup (you have to join, but it's free)

Chuck Sommerville

Chuck's Challenge game is now available on iTunes at:

Message from Chuck Sommerville CC game creator

Chuck Sommerville picture and a later message

Message from Chuck Sommerville about CC2


Alice Voith's information on game bugs under "Not all the bugs are yellow"

Best of Chip's Challenge Levels from the 1989 Lynx game

The magic 6 million point total and the Charter Chipsters' Quest

Bugs and fixes for Chip's Challenge including a revised .dat file

Chip's Challenge Hall of Fame

Chip's Challenge File Layout Information - useful if you are interested in the file structure of the CC program

CC Editor and Related Notes and cached files

CC Level Pack 2 Information

CC Tools for Editing Chip's Challenge Levels


Fractal Generator in CC

Password Codes Get a list of Chip's Challenge Passwords to input into your entpack.ini file.

Pictures of the game

Popup messages in the game

Richard Field game notes on the game


Which Levels Were the Most Challenging?


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