My son Danny, in 1996 then age 8, and I have worked on most of these levels and solutions together. Sometimes one person can see an answer when the other is stuck.

Level 1. LESSON 1. BDHP. Pick up the keys to open the doors that show the key of the same color. Then collect the chips. When "Chips Left" is zero you can go through the chip socket to the blue exit square. My Best Time: 80. (Given that the clock starts at 100, this means that my fastest completion of this level is 20 seconds.)

Level 2. LESSON 2. JXMJ. Push the blocks into the water to build a bridge. Don't let the bees touch you. Bees won't chase you and always turn left at the end of an obstacle. My Best Time: 89 (11 seconds).

Level 3. LESSON 3. ECBQ. Pick up the ice skates, fire boots, suction shoes, and flippers to get the chips. Then walk up the force floor to the exit. My Best Time: 88 (12 seconds).

Level 4. LESSON 4. YMCJ. Learn how to use the green button to open and close wall openings, the blue button to move tanks. Find chips under blocks, but watch out for the center block that has fire hidden under it! My Best Time: 112 (38 seconds).

Level 5. LESSON 5. TQKB. Get the red key, trap the ball behind the door, then step on the brown trap buttons to release the flyer. It destroys the bomb. My Best Time: 81 (19 seconds).

Level 6. LESSON 6. WNLD. Go to the left, find the openings in the walls, then pick up the four chips and go back to the exit square. My Best Time: 90 (10 seconds).

Level 7. LESSON 7. FXQO. Pick up the fire boots and then go through teleports from different directions until you find the fire. Go through it to get that chip. Then find the flippers and cross the water to get that chip. Teleport to find the last chip then find the exit square. My Best Time: 133 (17 seconds).

Level 8. LESSON 8. NHAG. You can outrun the teeth by moving quickly. My Best Time: 96 (4 seconds).

Level 9. NUTS AND BOLTS. KCRE. Pick up the gold key. Go through the door to the top of the force floor area. Go hard right into the place with the four blocks. Build a path to pick up the red key. Skate on the ice to pick up the chip by moving RDLULDRULDR then go right, down, left, up, left, up to arrive at the next zone. Watch out for fireballs as you pick up the keys. Start with the blue key. Use the green button to toggle the walls open and closed. When you go through the red door, make sure a fireball isn't on its way. Now wait until the bees are all at the far end of the path before you pick up the two chips and exit to the left. The bees will not chase you. Pick up the one chip, then go back on the dirt to the south exit. Use the four blocks to explode the bombs. There are four blocks above four bombs. When standing above the leftmost block, move RDLULDDULLDDRR (bomb 1). Now UURRRRURRDLLLLLULDDULLDDRRR (bomb 2). Now LUURRRRRRUUULLDDRDLLLLULDDULLDDRRRR (bomb 3) and LLUUURRRDRRRUUULLDD and finish. Pick up the chips. There is one hidden under a block. When you are at "Chips Left" of zero, go back to the dirt, through the chip socket and push the block onto the brown trap button. Avoid the fireball as you exit. My Best Time: 278 (122 seconds).

Level 10. BRUSHFIRE. UVWS. The grid is 32 by 32. One way to solve this level is to draw a map. Mark on the walls and fire obstacles. Then explore and mark on the map your way through. If you have trouble, follow these directions. Directions are Up, Down, Left, Right. DDDDRRRRUUUU12RDDDLLLU7L7DLDDD8RU 10R10D4RUULUUURUUL6U3R18D5LUU10L7U5R. My Best Time: 44 (36 seconds).

Level 11. TRINITY. CNPE. The name of this level is "TRINITY", which means "Three". Note that there are three sections to beating this level. The first is getting the yellow key, another is getting the red key, the third is getting the blue key. Travel through the force floor mazes to get these three keys. Then return to the home (or center) area, and unlock the doors, picking up the fire boots, ice skates, and flippers. Swim to pick up one chip, then walk on the fire to get a second chip, then skate and go left to pick up the last chip. Then skate right and down to the exit. To avoid the monster protecting each of the keys, you may wish to move to the middle of the monster's area, where you can't be touched. My Best Time: 189 (111 seconds).

Level 12. HUNT. WVHI. You don't need all the chips. Clear the outside layers, then dive in past the teeth and go to the exit. My Best Time: 223 (177 seconds).

Level 13. SOUTHPOLE. OCKS. If Up is North and Down is South, the clue means to keep pressing down "D" to find the exit. Best Time: NT (No Time -- This level is not timed).

Level 14. TELEBLOCK. BTDY. At the start pick up the red key and go through the teleport to where the blocks are. Go through the lower door and pick up a block. Push it through the teleport, then step to the side and have Chip follow the block through the teleport, but not in the same direction. Then push the block into the water. Return to the block area and pick up the second block in the area whose door you opened previously. At the same time pick up the red key. Now push that block through to the water/chip area and finish building your bridge to pick up a chip. Repeat this process with the left side red door and the upper red door. When these bridges are completed and chips picked up, open the right hand red door and build the bridge to pick up the last chip. Now teleport to the exit square and exit. My Best Time: 142 (108 seconds).

Level 15. ELEMENTARY. COZQ. The spy takes your boots and keys. My Best Time: 66 (184 seconds)

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