I lost these some time ago and thanks to Andrew R., we now have them back! Thanks!

Level 106. KABLAM. NXYB. This one is fun. The fireballs clear a path for you. Do not use the blocks to explode the bombs because you only have four blocks to work with. The goal is to use the blocks to direct the fireballs to the left across the bridge to find the exit square at the lower left. Take your time and clear double rows of bombs. You have to clear a row across the bridge and move a block across to direct the fireballs to the lower left. Chip must always stay protected on the side of the block away from the fireballs. Best Time: NT.

Level 107. BALLS O FIRE. ECRE. Go through the false wall, get the chip at the bottom of the first area, and use the block to cross the water. Pick up the fire boots along the way. Get the yellow key and pick up the "CHIP" chips. You can use the block by the blue key to cross the water and get the last chips. Now get a block and push it up and through the left hand yellow door. Move the block through the fire and use it to cross the water. Then exit. You can also exit by picking up the blue key and using a block to go up through the right side blue door. My Best Time: 220 (80 seconds).

Level 108. BLOCK OUT. LIOC. Start by getting the red key and flippers. Now beat the line of balls by moving across two or four squares at a time, then going up and opening the red door. Get the blue key and open the blue door at the far left of the area with the line of balls. Hide just to the right of where the ball hits the block. Now, while the ball is up, move LDDLLU and get the chip. Push the one block down into the water and swim around to get the blue key, picking up the three chips along the way. Take one block with you to use as cover while you pick up the next set of chips. Open the blue door and zoom along the ice. To beat the next set of balls, move slowly, one square at a time, letting the balls bounce on both sides of where you are before you move on. Beat the next set of balls, picking up the chips, and exit. My Best Time: 199 (151 seconds).

Level 109. TORTURECHAMBER. KZQR. Follow the flyer around and get the first chip, then make it back to the start. Now up and down through the force fields to get to the ice path. Pick up the two chips. Push the block down into the force fields and quickly (but not too quickly) follow it down. Step on the button to release the block from the trap, then circle around and use the block to explode the bomb. At the next part, step quickly in three moves after the fireball clears (LDL) to where the chip is. Wait there, you are safe, and then step quickly out using a left, left, down, down move. Make this move when the fireball and the flyer are together to your left and then they just clear these two spaces. Then exit. My Best Time: 120 (30 seconds).

Level 110. CHILLER. XBAO. At the start move UULUURUUU7D. Use this block to build a bridge across the water at the bottom left (by the exit square). Pick up the chips and the blue key and those chips. Watch out for the tricky double bounces by the blue door. The exit move here is LDDDL. Now go back to the start area and use the other five blocks there to build a solid wall of blocks by the ice at the right. Push each out and follow it to get the chips. First and second blocks from the top get the first chip then move down to get a second chip. Same for the third block. The fourth block, DO NOT go right after you get the chip as there is a bomb there. Go up instead. After you get the two chips by using the fifth block, make your way to the exit. My Best Time: 161 (238 seconds).

Level 111. TIME LAPSE. KRQJ. Push two blocks down into the bombs, wait for the bees to clear the other two bombs, then walk to pick up the four chips and exit. I don't get this level -- it seems pointless. Best Time: NT.

Level 112. FORTUNE FAVORS THE. NJLA. The title means "fortune favours the brave" so you have to have courage to beat this level. It can be done in about 20 seconds, even though you have unlimited time. This is a trick. The only way to beat the level is to do it quickly. At the start go up eight squares and push the block to the left directly through the fireballs. Stop at the second column from the left and then push the block up. Put it on the square three from the top (in the second column). Then circle around the "G", pick up the chips, circle back and exit. Best Time: NT. Here's another tip from an email I got: "In level 112 "Fortune Favours The", you don't need the block, so the level can be done quicker. As soon as you start, move up until you are 2 spaces below the block, then immediately go left through the 2-space gap in the fireballs. VERY quickly get the chips in the small room with the bee clone machine. Then leave the room and dash down to the right and wait until you see the 2-space gap again. Rush into the gap and follow the fireballs round, then step of at the exit. It takes 12 seconds (although it doesn't sound like it does!)"

Level 113. OPEN QUESTION. PTAS. Use the blocks available to build a bridge across the water at the eighth block over from the left (or the fourth over from the red button). Cross the bridge and push through the green wall. You can use two more blocks to stop the fireballs, but actually you can just avoid them. Push the block down to the square just to the right of the question mark hint (?). Then push the block left all the way. This gives you three more blocks to use. Take one of these across the bridge and use it to pin the first of the balls against the wall. From here you should be able to beat the balls and pick up the chips. I found that the chip on the left is easier to get if you duck under the broken wall and get it from below, rather than attempting to get it from above. It is also possible to bring across two more blocks (the ones you didn't use to stop the fireballs) and use these to interfere with the balls. My Best Time: 314 (186 seconds).

Level 114. DECEPTION. JWNL. At the start, wait for the paramecium to step in the fire (DDDDL). Then move down past the two fireballs and pick up the three chips down the left hand side. Go back up to the gap, picking up a chip along the way -- move RRRDDLLL8DRUUUU5R [picking up the chip] 5L4URRU. You are now where the fireball is moving back and forth below you. Now, quickly, DRRRLD. Now ULLU and go pick up the chip by the ice and travel the ice path. Blast straight right, beat the teeth by circling the barriers, get the chip and yellow key, and exit this area. Now pick up the remaining chips, open the yellow door, and exit. My Best Time: 162 (38 seconds).

Level 115. OVERSEA DELIVERY. EGRW. Thanks to Sherri Farris for this solution. There are 16 "platforms" with teleports on this level. Starting with the platform in the bottom right corner, push one block through the teleport then send Chip through the teleport in a different direction. Send the block through the first 8 teleports in this manner. When you get to platform 8 (and every platform beyond this point), it will be necessary to send Chip through the teleport first in order for you to determine which direction to send the block through so that the block doesn't become stuck. Then Chip can travel through the teleports back to where he left his block and push it through safely. Once you get Chip and his block safely to platform 15, you need to push the block down through the teleport then send Chip in the down direction as well. This will put the first block in place to make the bridge to the exit square. Now, go back to platform 1 and repeat this process for the other 3 blocks. The other 3 blocks are sequentially placed to the right of the first block to form the bridge. More specifically, send the blocks through the teleports in the order UDDLRDUDRUDULRD and follow down. Best Time: NT.

Level 116. BLOCK BUSTER II. HXMF. At the start step on the red buttons so that each one is covered by a block, the starting on the right, push them up into the water to collect the chips and the green key. Open the green doors and go to the top right area where there is an "X" pattern of red buttons. Step on the bottom left one and push the middle block at the bottom right up to the water. Follow it and pick up the chips. Now step on the bottom left button again and send the middle block up. Step on the bottom left button again, and step back quickly to avoid the block coming back. Use the blocks you make in this way to build across the water from the left hand side and pick up all the chips and the blue key. Then exit. My Best Time: 603 (147 seconds).

Level 117. THE MARSH. FPZT.  Thanks to Sherri Hoch for this solution. Start
with 2D4R2D4R3D3R2D2R2D2U6R4D1U5L5R3U6L4D1U7L2D4L7D (note: you may get that
feeling that you've gone in a circle...this is normal :) To make the 1st
double-wide bridge: 1L2D6R6L1U2R1L3U1L then push this block 2D, circle
around it so it's on your right then 8R4D1U5R. Now to make the 2nd double-
wide bridge: 1L1U10R10L 2U1D2L1R1D1L1D4R4L3U1L circle around the block
immediately below you so it's on your right then 1R1U1R2D circle around it
again as before then move 14R pushing blocks into the water to build the
bottom half of the 2nd bridge. Go back 13L3U1L1U2L1R. The last block for the
bottom half of the bridge is right below you. Put that block in place and the
exit square will be in sight!! Okay, one last double-wide bridge to make.
>From the square just left of the fire move 3L3U2R2D. Now go back 14L2U1L1U2R
to retrieve yet another block. Push the block below you along the bottom half
of the bridge and stop when it's one space left of the fire. Move yourself
above that block and push it 3D. Now go 3U1L4U4L4D. Put yourself to the left
of this block and move 4R then put yourself above this block and move 2D.
Next go 4U3L3R2U4L4D. Again put yourself to the left of this block and move 4R
then from above the block move 3D. Now go 7U2L2U2L6D. Move to the left side
of this block and push it 5R. From above the block push it 2D. Then move to
the left of it again and move 3R2D and exit! Best Time: NT.

Level 118. MISS DIRECTION. OSCW. At the start go down. At the next block go up and keep going up, but jog left to avoid the ball. Wait for the ball to bounce and go back up before you go in to get the green key. Now use it to get the blue key and retrace your steps to where you came in and use the ice to go back to the start. Now follow the fireball around and get the red key. Don't go through the red door yet. Go get the flippers (let the fireball open the door for you) then scoot out and open the red door and swim to the teleport. Then go up through the next teleport and swim to the exit! My Best Time: 235 (65 seconds).

Level 119. SLIDE STEP. PHTY. At the start go up to collect the chip and the fireboots, then go down to get two chips. Then right and get the chips guarded by the bees and paramecia. At the down force floors, take each one in turn (left side and right side), picking up the chips. Then teleport to the exit. My Best Time: 100 (150 seconds).

Level 120. ALPHABET SOUP. FLXP. At the start move around to the teleport, avoiding the fireballs and going through the false wall. Then go through the teleports in the order of LRRLR which sticks the monster on the trap. Pick up the four chips and fireboots. Go Left and go down to get the chips and skates. Go Right and explode the bombs (this is more fun when you add bomb sounds -- see my note on this at the start of the other page). Go Right and get the blue key (but don't use it yet). Get the red key and go through the teleports until you can open the red door and get the chip and the green key hidden under the block. Get the yellow key by teleporting so that you are under the block and can push the block up and over the key. Then circle around and push the block down as far as it will go. Move right to pick up the two chips. NEVER GO LEFT THROUGH THE TELEPORT IN THIS AREA AS YOU WILL HIT THE STUCK MONSTER. Make a careful note of what this level looks like. At the start it has yellow and red doors, but you open one of them so it looks different later on. Now use the green key to open the door (under the tank/bomb area) and walk up to get the filppers. Swim down to open the yellow door. Now go back and open the blue door, letting the teeth chase you through the teleport. Go back for the4 chip and then find the bomb/tank area and walk/swim to the exit! My Best Time: NT.

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