Note: The number in front of a direction, such as 6U, means press the up arrow six times.

Level 121. PERFECT MATCH. BPYS. Thanks to Matthew Daly for this solution. You need to make it through the labarynth at the bottom of the screen to make it to the exit. But, if there is even a single fireball being fired while you're in the passage, then you won't be able to make it. The fireballs are being spawned by a bouncing ball that you can't control, and a flickering wall that is turned on and off by the fireballs that follow two different tracks in the center of the level (where you can't go). The hints that you might not have known: the two tracks in the middle are the same length. And if two green buttons that trigger the same wall segment are pressed at the same time, then the wall does not change phase at all.You can't enter the middle portion, but you CAN affect the fireballs that run along one of the paths. If you push the block (and get out the way quickly) when a fireball comes by, you can push it into the water space where it will be killed. And, if you press the red button by the start, you'll make a new fireball on that path. The trick is to change that path so that the fireballs will be in the same phase as the fireballs in the other path. A little experimentation will help you see when to fire off new fireballs to make it match phase with one on the other track. Once you have done that, the fireball generator at the bottom of the screen will either be on full-blast or off. If it is on, then you can turn it off by touching the green button on the top row -- but be sure not to press the red button, since this will make a new fireball that will mess up your phase! Best Time: NT.

Here's another solution from Max Perry. LEVEL 121. You have to create fireballs until both paths' bear traps are full of fireballs, so that the fireballs get stuck in the bear traps and can't press the green buttons. Then, if the fireballs are still being produced down by the exit just press the green button near the path leading to the exit square to block out the fireballs. The only thing is that the inner path's bear traps need to be clogged first, so you can keep producing the fireballs on the outer path. If you can't get fireballs on the inner path try pushing the block on the ice whenever there are two fireballs in a row. The first fireball will perish, but the second one will go on the inner path.

Level 122. TOTALLY FAIR. SJUM. Go straight up, then left and enter the box at the left side of the screen. Blast past the teeth that chase you, then have the teeth follow you and go into the maze (the column just above the bottom bear trap). Take the teeth to the top near the water. Then zoom down and quickly circle around the beartrap at the bottom of the column. The teeth (one or two) will be on the other side of the wall. Now move Chip across the bottom of the maze, bringing the teeth through the maze. Your goal is to have the teeth end up on the brown button (which opens the traps). Watch out for the flyer which is circling the perimeter of the box. Once the teeth is in place on the button, leave the box area at the top right. From here it is easy as you go get the chips and exit the level. My Best Time: 247 (53 seconds).

Level 123. THE PRISONER. YKZE. Toggle the wall so the fireball makes two blocks. Then toggle it again. Send the block out to hit the fireball as it circles and send it into a bomb (step back quickly). Send the block out and step up quickly. You are free! Make blocks and block the fireball generator and make a path. There are six teeth. Lure them down the left and right sides until two are trapped in with the ball. Then go out through the path you have made and get the three chips, evading the four teeth that are left. My Best Time: 147 (152 seconds).

Level 124. FIRE TRAP. TASX. Thanks to Ron Judge for this solution. Move up one square and wait for the fireball to pass the bear trap. Then, quickly move left and up and push the block into the upper right hand corner. Quickly proceed to the bear trap. When the fireball reaches the brown button and opens the bear trap, move down. Follow the path and move left into the fire maze section as soon as you can. Make your way to the green button above the fire maze section to toggle walls. Manoeuvre to exit the fire maze section via the ice at the left end of the fire maze. Move straight up to enter the tank zone. Use blue buttons to move tanks out of the way as you proceed towards the left to pick up the red key and chip. Backtrack out of the tank section and immediately beyond the gravel, turn left, then turn down just before entering the next gravel. Follow the path to pick up the blue key and chip. Backtrack to the gravel and move up into the ice path. At the first stop, avoid the fireballs and move down and a bit to the right to use the blue key to enter the section with two blocks and a chip. Pick up the chip and push one block out and up into the area where the fireballs are circling. Move the block over to the right and place it on the bottom fire where four fires are lined up vertically. The fireballs will now pass over the green button to toggle walls. Move over to the left and down to use the red key. Move the block into the upper left hand corner so that the fireball is made to pass over the blue button and reverse tanks each time around. Make your way back to the tank section but this time move towards the right to pick up the fire boots. Exit the tank section then proceed down to where you can make a right into gravel. Quickly follow the path and move up to the bear trap. When the fireball reaches the brown button and opens the bear trap, move left and collect the four chips beyond the wall of fires. Use the brown button to release the fireball and proceed quickly to the bear trap. When the fireball reaches the brown button and opens the bear trapremaining chips as you make your way back to where the fireball is passing over the blue button. Don't forget to pick up the chip located near the ice path. Once you reach the area where the fireball is hitting the blue button, collect the chip by the blue button. You should only need six more chips at this point. Move along the bottom barrier until you reach the point where you can collect the remaining chips among the fires. Pass the chip socket and the ice path leads you to the exit square. My Best Time: 560 (240 seconds).

Level 125. MIXED NUTS. MYRT. Thanks to Keith Campbell for this solution. Start by pushing the four blocks into the water but don't step on them until you have the flyer trapped in the center. Avoid the flyer and leave through the top space. Avoid the ball and go right to the gravel, then down. You need all these blocks so don't trap any against the walls. Go to the bottom and push the first block into the water. Then go back to the top and push all the blocks down one space, then back to the top and push all blocks left one space. Push the bottom block into the water, repeat the down one space and left one space until all blocks are free and in the water. Gather chips and then follow the bee around to the bottom gravel. Go to the force field. Enter at the left column of chips and gather all the chips. Then go to the top of the column and move right twice very quickly, and gather all the chips. Repeat for the third row and go to the top and right twice to leave through the opening on the right side. There are chips under all these blocks so you must move them all to get them. Push the middle block to the bottom, then the two each side to the bottom, the ones above them go to the top. Repeat by pushing the top ones up and the bottom ones down, but don't block the exit. You should push a couple into the force floor because you may be coming back around and it could save you from the bombs. Go out the top to the ice field. You have to cross the ice at all six spaces to gather all the chips, avoiding the bombs and balls. When you have all the chips, leave through the chip socket at the top and go to the force field on the far right. Enter the teleport in the middle by going down. If you miss you may have to go around and try again. You will then be glad you placed the blocks in the force field in the middle. THEN EXIT. Best Time: NT.

From Courtney Schermerhorn. In level 125 you don't need all the blocks there can be one left over. Take the block all the way to the top you can get the other two then go to the bees.

Level 126. BLOCK N ROLL. QRLD. Thanks to Keith Campbell for this solution. At the start gather all eight blocks and use to build bridge out of lower left corner of grid. Don't trap any blocks here, you need them all to get out and get the chips. Go to the top left of the puzzle grid,enter and go 4U2L2D4R and get both chips. Then go back to entry of this maze and start again 2U2L2D4L2D gather chip then go R2U2R2U2R2U2L2R2D2LUD2R2U8L2R2D2L2R2D2L8D4U2R2DLR2U2L2DRD2L. From here you must fill in the second vertical column from the left to get the chip in the top left corner, and also fill in the bottom horizonal row to get the chip at the bottom right. You will have to bring the extra middle block around to do this. After you leave go to the top right of the grid and get the chips away from the bees. By taking the far right chip first the bees will gather and make it easy to get the rest of the chips. Leave this maze and go get the rest of the chips in the other mazes. The only other tricky one is the lower right maze where the chips are hidden under the blocks. On the top horizontal row the chips are under the second blocks in from each end, in the middle row the chips are under the two end blocks and the middle one, the bottom row is the same as at the top. Don't touch the rest of the blocks because there is fire under them, and it helps to move the blocks sideways so as to not disrupt the bees pattern. After you have gathered all the chips exit through the middle right side and exit. My Best Time: 120(480 seconds).

Level 127. SKELZIE. JMWZ. Move left at the start, then follow the ball up. As you clear chips the balls will get stuck on the traps. Get the red key then find your way out of the ball/teleport area by going through an opening that turns into a wall when you step on it. Now avoid the blobs, get the keys and chips, toggle the wall and teleport to the exit. My Best Time: 235 (265 seconds).

Here is another (better) solution from Michelle Terry. THANKS! There are 12 "stations" on this level (eight of which you must teleport to). At the start step L then quickly follow the pink ball U through the teleport. (This is count 1). Keep going DUDUDU to count 7, pick up red key and keep going through the teleports DU two more times to count 9. Then go LD and R (count 1) into the teleport and continue LRLRLRL (8 counts). Now go DRRU to the opposite of the teleport and go LRLRLRLR for 8 counts. Now go to the bottom of the teleport and go UDUDUD for 6 counts. Exit through the pop up wall and go to the upper right corner to pick up chip and blue key. Go to the lower left corner to pick up chip and yellow key. Go to the lower right corner to pick up chip and green key. Go to the upper left corner to pick up chip and step on green button. Now go to the lower center station and go through teleports DUDUDU (6 counts) and exit! Move quickly or the pink balls will get you. Don't travel to pick up the first 17 chips, you will automatically pick them up as you toggle LR or DU through the stations. I've been able to do this level in 64 seconds!

Level 128. ALL FULL. FTLA. At the start go around and get the flippers. Now step on the red button under the flippers a few times until there is a solid wall of balls to the left of the yellow keyed door. Now swim around to pick up the yellow key. Go through the yellow door, the thief takes your flippers. Pick up chips and go left and down the force floors, over the gravel, and pick up the yellow key, fire boots, and suction shoes. Use the shoes to pick up more chips and those protected by the fireballs and ball. Go to the bottom and get the yellow key, then the three chips surrounding the other yellow key. Push the block up into the water, picking up the flippers along the way. Now go back down and get the yellow key protected by the water and near the three fireballs. Now go up and circle around with the fireballs, picking up chips. Go back down and up to the spy, sacrificing your tools, go through the yellow doors, and pick up the remaining chips you need. Don't release the flyers or bees, only the ball. Then exit. My Best Time: 244 (156 seconds). By the way, there is an undocumented error in the Windows version of the game, in that there is a bee clone machine that is not triggered by fireballs, making it much easier to get the yellow key, fireboots, and suction shoes. In the Atari Lynx version of the game the clone machine does work.

Level 129. LOBSTER TRAP. HEAN. A lobster trap is easy to get into, hard to get out of. Build a path all the way around the perimeter of the level, then release the flyers, who will circle the perimeter. Build extra paths as necessary to get all the flyers to the perimeter. It is best to do this by building the path up from the water and letting the flyers out from there. This way, once the flyers are gone you can go up and let the bees out and they will go into the water. This is the elegant way to solve the level as the flyers are circling the perimeter, the bees are gone, and you can walk in to get the chips and exit! My Best Time: 192 (108 seconds).

Level 130. ICE CUBE. XHIZ. This maze is not too hard. Try leaving the ice and walking around to another entrance/exit and going in there to get the chips you are having trouble with. Never walk to the left against the bee's path. Always walk to the right. When you get all the chips, get off the ice at one of the exits, and walk to the right (even if it is the long way around) to the exit. Best Time: NT.

Level 131. TOTALLY UNFAIR. FIRD. Here's some new information from Amy Jacobs. "To the right of the closed off area where the maze is, there are a couple of seemingly useless walls (or blocks you can't step on, I'm not sure what the "official" term for them would be). The blocks, of course, are also there in level 122, and they are positioned at the same height of each place where Chip would need to move up or down to get the teeth through the maze. Since they can be seen from inside the square in level 122, it's not too hard to memorize the movements based on them, and use them to know Chip's position in level 131." Wow!

Thanks to James Spring for his solution to this level. The trick to this level is that the layout is the same as level 122, Totally Fair. Inside the box is the maze from that level and one teeth monster. Your objective is to maneuver this teeth onto the bear trap button. But the problem is that you can't see the teeth moving through the maze. To solve the puzzle you will need to make a map of the maze and where the teeth starts, then plan how to move Chip to move the teeth. One trick is going to the ? first. If you move right first the teeth will go in the water. Stop reading here if you wish to work it out on your own.

From Elisabeth: "I was using your guide to Level 131 and I figured out another variation of how to deal with the tooth monster (opposite of tooth fairy?) inside the dirt square.  Instead of building columns, I built a little trap for him out of just two squares in the corner.  While he's trapped, I move as far away as the chip, the scram down and get the chip and leave.

Level 131 Solution. Go left and collect 3 chips. Go up to just before hint (?). Go right to 6 squares past the left wall. Go up and stop next to the bear trap. Go up four more squares. Return to the bear trap, go four squares down. Return to the beartrap, go four squares up. Return to the bear trap, go two squares down. Return to the bear trap, go three squares up. You may hear a click as the teeth step on the hold-down button. In any case, go get your two chips and run to the finish, collecting the final chip on the way. Here's a guaranteed solution from Brad McCleary: L6, U5, R21, U17 (pause 2 sec), D8 (pause 2 sec), U8 (pause 2 sec), D6 (pause 2 sec), U5 (pause 2 sec), D3, wait for the click. As soon as you hear the click, go collect the two chips. After getting second chip and you shoot across the ice, go L5, D18, and shoot left all the way to home. My Best Time: 7 (53 seconds).

Level 132. MIX UP. ZYFA. Thanks to Robert Slough for his solution to this level. Remember two important points: (1) All blocks must be used; (2) You can get by the ice force fields by depressing the down arrows. At the start move UUULLLLUUULLULUURURR6DRD9LUULLLDD and build a bridge across the water to where the teeth guard the blue key. Beat the teeth by quickly building a column on the right edge and hiding on the gravel. Then the teeth has further to go and you gain some time. Build another column on the left edge and hide on the gravel. Then quickly dart in to get the blue key and escape. Then go down and get the chips below. Beat the walkers by toggling the wall to trap the ball so you have a clear path to the chips (no walkers going through where you have to walk AT ALL). Then go back to the start and move UUU12L7ULRDDDLRULULLDDRR and build the bridge to get the red key. Open the red door, then RUUUUULUU7RDDLLLUDDDDLLULUULUU7R DLLLDDDLLULUUULU7RDRUDLDLDDL and explode the bombs to get the green key. Now go down past the bees and all the way to the left. Now move ULUURUURRDRRRRDRRDLL and build two bridges over the water. Go down and through the green door and pick up the four chips. Now go to the bottom left and DO NOT use the blue key to unlock the blocks. Go through the blue door and get the blue key. Get the teeth to follow you onto the ice where he will be trapped. It is funny to watch the teeth zooming along on the ice. Remember to push DOWN to get off the ice when you come to the up force floor or you'll be pushed back into the following teeth. When you push DOWN you will get by the force floor but the teeth won't. Now walk back to the lower left area, unlock the blocks and carefully build a bridge to get the last chip. You don't want to make any mistakes with this last bridge because you've already spent about 11 minutes so far! Once you get the last chip, beat the bees to the exit. 

Here is a note on completing this level faster by Mark Webber. "You can drop almost 300 seconds from your time on this level, Mix Up, if you build the parallel bridges to the left of the exit first. It is then unneccesary to move all the blocks from the upper middle section to bridge to the lower right and ice strip. The ice strip is not really for transportation! It is only for trapping the teeth!"

Here's another time saving tip from Mu Li: "In the lower left room, do NOT let the teeth follow you after you get the blue key. Take it and unlock the blocks. Place all five blocks in the water. When you lure the teeth out, do NOT go into the ice strip. Instead, wait at the square two tiles to the right of the ice tile just above the force floor. Then, go and place in the last block. It will save you some time (as least it did for me)."

From Ryan Barker: "I was reading your tips on Level 132 on how to get the teeth out from behind the blue lock.  Here's my version: If you unlock the blue door, go up to where teeth will chase you then go down and back up the way you came.  Go to the corner where the ice force floor is.  Wait until teeth gets within a square or two of the force floor then shoot up as fast as you can.  If you did it correctly, teeth will go up as soon as you did and will go onto the force floor and get stuck on the ice and then you won't have to worry about getting on the ice!!!"

My Best Time: 247 (752 seconds! The longest level for me so far).

Level 133. BLOBDANCE. TIGG. Be patient. Move to the chip and then quickly to the gravel. Always know where the exit to the next area is. Note that the blobs are blocked by the gravel and the chips. This gives a certain pattern to their random movements. Also, it seems that when you first enter an area that the chips are easier to get than if you wait. Watch for open paths. Sometimes you can travel the long way around an area to the exit. Strange as it sounds, you can run from the blobs. Best Time: NT.

Level 134. PAIN. XPPH. Go down to the three dirt blocks but don't step on them until the bee is picked up. Then open the path for them. Clear the chips and let the bees go. Push the block before the button up (to block the bee generator) and the one after the button down (to force the bees into the water). Do this quickly. Pick up the fire boots and get the last chip by building a bridge at the bottom right. Then build from right to left all the way across. Join with a short bridge on the left hand side, then build across the bottom from left to right to the exit. This is a major PAIN! There are about 12 extra blocks, so you can use some to fill in the water and guard against a misstep. Best Time: NT.

Level 135. TRUST ME. LYWO. Move Chip right, then up, then right to just above the gravel. Move quickly down to pick up the yellow key and then back up to the gravel before the bees can get you. Then move left to the exit. This takes seven seconds!! I guess the level title means that if you try to get the other yellow keys, you won't have any luck -- so "don't trust" this level. Here's the long way from Evan Meikleham. "I was just fooling around when i found a new way to do level 135, "trust me." it takes much longer and is much more work than the regular way, but I thought I would submit it just for the record. From the start, move down until you hit the first real blue wall. Then go RRRRRUU (you should be next to the tank) then go to the right until you reach a large patch of ice. go DULLUUURU (you should be underneath a patch of force floor) RRUURU (wait until it is safe to move)UULUU (wait again) RUULU. You should be two squares underneath the suction shoes. Move to the right, dodging the balls, until you reach the upper-right corner of the level. Cross the force floor, and move left until you reach the suction
shoes. Continue left until you can't move any farther, then go DDDDDRDDLDDDRDDLDDDRRRD. Proceed back to the left until you reach the tank again. Walk up the left path, then cross through the blue walls (two rows above the tank, two rows below the bug trapped in the blue wall) until you reach a series of pop-up walls. Proceed, grab the yellow key, cross the force floors, go LULLUU, push the block up, cross the force floor, and move left to the exit. My Best Time: 293 (7 seconds).

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