Level 136. DOUBLEMAZE. LUZL. This level is unbelievably difficult! The name "Doublemaze" refers to the fact that, from the start, there are two main paths through the maze. In fact there are two mazes overlaid each other. I suppose this level can be solved by wandering the maze, but I found it incredibly frustrating, getting lost all the time. Finally, I made a map. But that was very hard as the thin walls are hard to map. Then, once the map is done, you have to look for routes through the maze that connect the chips. I ended up numbering the chips from top left to bottom right so that I could keep track of which routes I had found and which ones (to which chips) I still needed to find. This process took a long time. If you want to do all this, good luck! If not, here is the path. From the start, move UUUU [Chip 26], then DDDRRDL [Chip 33] RRURDRUURUU [Chip 27] DDDRRRURDDLLLL [Chip 34] RRRRUULDLLLUUURRDRRRRDLDRRDLL [Chip 35] RRULLURRRDD [Chip 36] UULLULLLLUULLL [Chip 25] RRRULLLLULDLDRDLDL [Chip 29] RURURDDL [Chip 30] RUULLURURDRRRRUUUUL [Chip 13] RDDLLUUL [Chip 12] RDDRRDDLLULULUULUUL [Chip 10] RDDLLLUURURULL [Chip 1] RRDLDLDDDDRU [Chip 17] DLUURRRDDLDL [Chip 21] RURUURUUUUL [Chip 2] RDDDDDDRDRDRRDDDRRRRRRU [Chip 28] DLULLUUL [Chip 23] RDDLLUUUUURDDRRRDLDRRUU [Chip 22] DDLLURUURUU [Chip 15] DDLLURULL [Chip 14] RRDLDRDLLLUULUULLLLUUU [Chip 3] DDDRRRRULUULDL [Chip 6] RURDDRDDDDDDDDRRRRDLLLLLULLDDLDDLULDLULLD and you are now back at the start and can begin the second part of the maze. There are 15 chips left at this point. RRURDRURRRRURRRDRRDLLLULDLLLL [Chip 37] RRRRURDRRRUULURRDDD [Chip 38] UUULLULURRDRUULURUU [Chip 20] DDLDRDDLULLDRDDRDLLULLLDLLLLDLUU RRRRUURDRRULULLURRUURRDLDRRUURULLLUL [Chip 16] RDRRRDLDDLLURULLDDLULURULLDDDDDDLLLL [Chip 31] RRRRUUULLURUUL [Chip 19] RDDLDRRUUURRULLLLLDLL [Chip 18] RRURRRRUUL [Chip 11] RDDLLLLDLLRRDDLLDDLDDDRDL [Chip 32] RUUURRRRULLLU [Chip 24] DRRRDLLLLDDLUUUUUUUUURDRURULLLU [Chip 7] DRRRDRRULURRRRDDRRRRRUULURRULDDDLLLULUUL [Chip 4] RDDRDRRULURULL [Chip 5] RRDLDRDRUUURDLLDRDLLLLU [Chip 8] DRRRRDLLDRRRUUU [Chip 9] DDDLLLURRULLUU LLLLLLLLDLULLL and Exit. Best Time: NT.

Level 137. GOLDKEY. HPPX. Pick up the five yellow keys in the first section, go through the yellow doors, then travel on the force floors to get the gold key. To make it by the force floors, you need to move with a definite rhythm of ups and downs. Start out with a move up, wait, then quick up quick up, wait, then quick down, quick down, wait, then quick up quick up, wait, then quick down, quick down. Once you get to the yellow key at the bottom of the force floors it's not too hard to get to the yellow doors at the upper left exit from the force floors. The main thing at this point is NOT TO PANIC! Get the rhythm and be calm. From the yellow doors, move up to just below the down force floor, then RRRRUURDURRDDR24LUURURRRUUU. When one of these moves puts you on a force floor, you must travel along it and wait until you are deposited off the force floor before making your next move. Now go to the gravel, then LL, beat the balls, and get the flippers. Now DLU, beat the bees to the key, and exit at the top right, then immediately RDLDDDDRRRRUURRUU and back to the gravel protected by the fireballs. Open the door three squares to the right of the fireball generator (and one square down) and run right to the exit square. My Best Time: 360 (90 seconds).

Level 138. PARTIAL POST. LUJT. This one is fun. First here's a tip to speed up the level from Caroline Nelson. "You can go to the section with all the blocks. Leave two there, and push half of the rest through the teleport from the top, and the other half through from the bottom. Then follow the blocks through and at each location push the blocks into place, and at the exit teleport push the blocks through the teleport again. Not having to go through the teleport repeatedly saves you tons of time - I got through it in about 205."

Thanks to Ben and his mom Lois for the solution to this level. The key here is to move the blocks you find at the start through the teleports so that you place two blocks to the right of each portal. What I did was always push the blocks down (or up) through the teleports and then step through directly behind the block. When you find you are in a new area, move the block to the right of the teleport. You need two so that Chip can't move the block when he comes through the teleport from the right. Then return to the start area and pick up another block, and push it through, following it yourself. When the block is teleported to an area that already has two blocks, move it down (or up) through the teleport and follow it. You must work quickly once you get this pattern down as you don't have a lot of time. You need all the blocks. The area with the exit square doesn't need any blocks. Once all the portals are blocked to the right you can find the area with the exit square and you will be able to walk right across the portal to the exit square. My Best Time: 28 (272 seconds).

Level 139. YORKHOUSE. VLHH. Yorkhouse means prison. You need all the chips. Open the prison doors when the walker is going away from you, then retreat to open areas that you have previously made by picking up the chips. Best Time: NT.

Level 140. ICE DEATH. SJUK. Thanks to Ron Judge for this solution to this level. This is a difficult level, and one where a map may be required. The other possible solution method is to draw a tree of the paths through the ice to find the ice skates. Here is the path. URUULDRDRDDDLLUULLULULDRDLDDRDRRURURUULLULLL DDRRDRRDDRRULLLULLDRRRRUULLLLUUUURRDRRRRRU. Once you get the ice skates, walk on the ice to the exit square, taking care not to step into any water. My Best Time: 186 (114 seconds).

Level 141. UNDERGROUND. MCJE. At the start build a path everywhere you can that doesn't release a paramecium. The chips act as blockers. Then, when you must, dart in and open a path when the bug is away from you, and retreat to a patio of squares. The bug will be away for some time travelling the long path you made, and while the bug is away, you need to extend the path without releasing other bugs. Finally let some out and hide in the open areas (or patios) that you have made. Be patient and keep at it. When you have all the chips, carefully work your way to the exit at the top right, going around the long way if you have to. 

Here's another tip for this level from Jean-Joseph Cote. "If you're careful and patient, this level can be solved with no risk, with no paramecia ever getting loose. Forget about halls, the key concept is that a paramecium will endlessly circle a single dirt block, and if the blocks are far enough apart that the paramecia can't bump into each other, they will pose no harm. You go up to each little tunnel, and make a parallel tunnel that's three blocks long, parallel to it, with one row of dirt in between. Then, timing things right, you connect them on one end when the paramecium is going in the proper direction, then walk
clockwise around the "U" you've make and connect it up to be a square with the middle filled in, and then step away. The paramecium will get caught going around the remaining dirt square. If you do this at the end away from a chip, you can then leisurely pick up the chip. I cleared away all leftover dirt squares just to be safe (in case I screwed up and
one got loose, at least it would have a long walk and I'd have places to hide from it). Sometimes it works better to build the trap at the chip end of a tunnel, grabbing the chip to form the "U". In any case, it's worth some thought to decide where to build the traps, particularly keeping them separated so that the paramecia won't bump into each other
and raise a ruckus. But if done carefully (which is how I won this level), you never have to hurry or worry about loose bugs.
Best Time: NT.

Here is a more complex solution from Douglas A. Lindt. I notice when two or more bugs would go into a hall ( a "hall" forces the bugs into a file because the hall stops and the bugs return the way they came), they would form a single file line. I used this knowledge to figure out a way to get all the bugs in a single line. The trick is to have a hall large enough to take all the bugs. The real trick is to make the hall without getting caught. IMPORTANT TIPS 1. Remember the bugs will always keep to the right. This may save you sometime. 2. Start out with a safe island, that will allow chip to stand, and the bugs will go around him. 3. NEVER HAVE A HALL THAT IS SHORTER THEN THE NUMBER OF BUGS. The bugs will pile up and nothing but trouble will occur. Build yourself a safe island. D3, L2, R3, U2, L2, D1, R1 You are now on your safe island, keep this in mind. When I tell you to run to it, you must go as fast as you can down the hall, ahead of any bugs following. BUILD THE FIRST HALL (take your time, no bugs are chasing you); U7, R4, D3, R8, D2, R2, U3, L1, U2, R1, U2, L4, U2, L3, U4, R8, U2, L5. You should now be set to release your first bug. Time the release just after the bug on your left hits the bottom. Then, to L1 to open the bug, and run to the safe island! Make sure you stay ahead of the bug chasing you. After the bug chasing you goes around the island, D1, L3 then back to the safe island. The two bugs will meet and form a single line. Wait for them to go around you (after the short hall), then D1, L3, U1, L3, D1, L2, U3, R3, back to safe. DO NOT collect the encountered chip, this can wait. Now the three bugs will meet and form a single line. Wait for their return, and for the bugs to pass you. Follow the left hall and collect the farthest chip, then L2 and release the next bug, go back to the island. WAIT as before. Follow the path to the end and R3 to release the next bug, go back to safe island. WAIT. Follow the path to the end and collect chip to release next bug, go back to island. WAIT, then follow the hall again, and hug the far left wall to the top, then back to the safe island.

You have now formed two usable halls. Until you get the hang of it, just release one bug at a time. Releasing more then one will cause problems. At this point, you can, at your leisure, release bugs one at a time starting on the right (with out building a hall). Just remember, when you release a bug, make sure you do not form a mini hall, open the entire "bug area" at least two squares wide. After you get some bugs released, and to make releasing easier, destroy the right hand (original) hall. Once all the bugs are released, it is no problem to get them all in a single file going around the interior of the boundary walls. I can't tell you every move, it would take too long. I can give you the principle, and with practice, you can figure out the details. I have built up to six halls, and I have even done the puzzle with every bug area a part of a hall. It is even possible to extend the original hall a lot farther, which gives one more room to maneuver. There are many variations on the theme. Just take your time, and you will see what I mean.

And now here is another hint from Brad McCleary who tells us how to solve the level quickly by getting the bugs to circle. Even though this level has no extra points for time, I have found a solution that gets the parameciums to circle tightly and then they can't get Chip. My wife timed me on my solution; it took 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This solution takes perfect timing and rhythm (I can't stress this enough). I have used a couple of abbreviations - P is paramecium. Here it is: D3, L2, wait until P is heading left, follow P quickly to the left all the way to wall. Go R1, go up to get chip #1 (14 remain), go L1. This makes P go in clockwise circle and it can't get out. Go L1, U6, wait for P to go up, go quickly up 2 past P, R1, D1, R1, D6, chip should be just to Chip's right. Get chip #2 (13 remain), R1, and just before P gets Chip, go D2, P circles (this is where it takes timing and rhythm, moving Chip just before the P gets him). L2, U10, L2. Wait until P is heading right toward chip #3, go U3, R3, D1, chip should be on Chip's right. Get chip #3 (12 remain), go R1. Wait until P goes by, D2. P is circling. L2, U6, L1, U1, chip #4 is above Chip. Get chip #4 (11 remain), go U1 when P is heading right. Go R2. P circling. U2, L2, U1, chip #5 is above Chip. Get Chip #5 (10 remain) U1. Just before P gets Chip go R2. D2, R3, P is going up and down. When P is heading down, go $3. Just before P hits CHIP, D3. P is circling. As P is going down, go R3. Just befort P gets CHIP, go D2, get Chip #6 (9 left), R1, L2, U5, R1, chip #7 is below CHIP. Get Chip #7 (8 left), R5, U1, before P gets CHIP, go R3. R3, U1, wait until P is going down, R3, D1, R1, chip #8. R1 to get Chip #8 (7 remain), R1, D3. P is circling. D3, L2, U7, R1, wait for P to go right. Go R1. Just before P hits CHIP, go R3, D2, L5, D5, L1, as P goes right, go D1, R5, Chip #9 is just below CHIP. Get Chip #9 (6 remain), gu U1, wait for P, R2, D2. L7, D3, L3, D1, Chip #10 is below CHIP. Wait for P to go right. Get Chip #10 (5 remain), U1, R3. P is circling. D2, wait for P to go right, D1, U1. Wait until P almost gets CHIP, R3. P is circling. D1, R2, Chip #11 is to right of CHIP. R1, L1, Chip #11 is yours (4 remain). Wait for P, U3. R2, D4, L10, D2, L1. Waht for P to go right, D1, R4, Chip #12 below CHIPP. Get Chip #12 (3 remain). D2, L6, D1, Chip #13 below CHIP. D1, U1, you've get Chip #13 (2 remain). Just beofre P gets CHIP, R5. P is circling. D3, R2, D1, U1, R2. P is circling. D1, R2, Chip #14 above CHIP. U1, D1, L1. You have Chip #14 (1 remains). Wait for p, just before it hits CHIP, U5, L14. U4, Chip #15 above CHIP. Timing here, as everywhere, is CRUCIAL. Wait for both P's to hit chip #15 at same time and start moving away. Then U1, D5, you have Chip #15! Beware, you must be quick now. These last two P's are on the loose and can catch you. Be quick AND careful. Work your way to the upper right hand corner where the exit it, careful to avoid P's you have already "trapped". Good Luck...!

AND FINALLY ... here is a note from Janet: 

"Something you might want to add just for fun on level 141 hints and tips.  When you've finished the level you can give yourself a new challenge.  Try to get the entire board clear while keeping all the bugs in a single line around the edge.  To succeed, no bugs can be "looping" in the field and all chips dirt patches have to be gotten.  I like monotony and this is my favorite level to play (like this) when I have only a limited amount of time to play and don't want to get caught up in a new puzzle.  My Mom, teenagers, and I keep records of how many times we've been able to this.  I'm winning by a landslide   :)"


Thanks to Sherri Farris for this alternate solution to Level 142. In order to see the pentagram on this level you'll need to map it out. If you do map it you will notice that there are two ways to solve this level...going one way or going the direct opposite way. For example, I numbered the chips 1 through 10 but the level can also be solved 10 through 1. It's difficult to map this level because as you step on a recessed wall, a wall pops out of the floor leaving you unable to trace the path you took to get there. Also, if you map out the level using a 32 x 32 graph, the starting space is 17 columns from the left and 16 rows from the top. You cannot retrace your steps on this level. From the starting square go 2R (passing over the hint) then 2DLD3LU3L6D (grabbing 1st chip and passing over 1st ice space) then RDRDR2DRDR2D2R (grab 2nd chip) then 3UR4UR7U (pass over 2nd ice space then grab 3rd chip) then R15U (pass over 3rd ice space and grab 4th chip) then 10LD4LD4L (grab 5th chip) then D2RD2RD3RD2RD4RD2R2D (pass over 4th ice space and grab 6th chip) then 6RDRDRDRDRD2R2D (passing over 3rd ice space again and grab 7th chip) then 3LD4LD7L (pass over 2nd ice space again and grab 8th chip) then D15L (pass over 1st ice space again and grab 9th chip) then 2U2RURURUR2U4RURUR (pass over 5th ice space and grab 10th chip) then R4D3R to the exit square.

And finally, because I received an e-mail that there is an error in one of the above solutions, here is the information from Alice Voith's web page.

Saturday, August 10, 1996 3:19 AM

START Go right then down. The first chip to take is four squares under the exit. Don't be tempted to take that first chip you see there on the right.
Go right and take chip.
Go up and to the left through the zig zag area cross ice and take chip.
Now D1 L1 D1
Go left and take chip.
Go left and down zig zag take chip.(careful don't block walk up the left side)
Go up and take chip (keep left)
Stay to the top and go right and take chip.
Go strait down and take chip.
Go down some more and take chip.
Now go left and up through the zig zag area. Cross ice and take the last chip!
You should be able to see the chip socket now. Procede to the chip socket and exit.

John H

Andrew Smith
Sunday, August 17, 1997 11:24 PM
Email to Chip's Site

I thought it might help to be able to see all of this level at once, so here's a Smith Mini Map.

While there are innumerable ways [well at least 4] to solve it, it's not a timed level, so I mapped the route provided by LIMOJOHN in the preceding clue.

Level 143. STRIPES? OKOR. I started to make a map of this level but stopped when the pattern became obvious. The title "Stripes" means that there are walls, or stripes, that run from the upper left to the lower right of the level. Some of these are visible and some are invisible. But the key to this level is to realize that it IS NOT A MAZE. It is a series of barriers, or walls, that must be traversed as you make your way from the upper right starting point of the level to the lower left exit square. The method is to move in a diagonal pattern, for example DRDRDRDR or ULULULUL. Move along one of the barrier walls looking for chips. There are one or more pathways through each barrier wall. These allow you to go on the the next barrier. Try to make sure you pick up all the chips scattered along each barrier wall as you pass through it, or you will have to go back. Once you get the idea and the pattern of movement, it is not too difficult to find the pathways through the barriers and search out the chips. Best Time: NT.

Level 144. FIREFLIES. GVXQ. It appears that this is the last level in the game, but if you enter levels 145 to 149 when you ask to "GO TO" a certain level, the game asks for the password (and does not say that you have requested an invalid level). One way to get to these levels is to use the password given in the CYPHER level 34. Another is to use CNTRL-K at the start of a game to get the "IGNORE PASSWORDS" command on the pull-down menu. On completion of this level the game gives you the finishing picture and no prompt for the next level.

The way to complete the level is to take your time and wait for the fireballs to go past and watch for their patterns. Be especially careful of intersections, where you have waited for one fireball to go past and then another one comes by from a different direction through the same square. Also, it is best not to travel too quickly. I found that when I moved quickly I stepped into some fireballs. It is also a good idea to try to get all the chips in an area. When you get down to one or two chips left and you don't know where to find them, it can be frustrating. But continue to take your time and wait out the fireballs. At the exit square, watch out for the fireball that comes from the top down. Best Time: NT.

Level 145. Thanks to ... TONY. This level thanks those at Microsoft who took the Atari Lynx game developed by Chuck Sommerville while at Epyx Inc., and adapted it for the Windows platform. The Tony mentioned is Tony Kreuger, who is mentioned as the author in the "About" pull down menu of the Microsoft game. Rob D. is Robert Donner, who I am told is still working with Tony at Microsoft as of 2011. This level was added by Microsoft to the 148 levels of the original Lynx game. The next four levels are the four "bonus" levels in the Lynx game. In the Lynx version, they could only be accessed by password (no bypassing all passwords), and the player needed to discover that the password to the first bonus level was JHEN, which was spelled out in tiles in the CYPHER level 34. The first two bonus levels, CAKE WALK and FORCE FIELD are two of the toughest levels of the game. Best Time: NT.

Level 146. CAKE WALK. JHEN. "Cake Walk" means something is easy. This level is no cake walk, but then again, once you know how it is not too bad. But this is the level that has proven to take almost the longest to complete, taking me over 11 minutes. However, a tip given to me by Gary Delong suggests that this level can be done a lot faster if you build the right side first and slide blocks across the ice to the left (except for the first few). You have to build a turning island and a lane along the ice, but after that it is much faster.

Move Chip at the start UU6RU then push the block left, quickly get behind it, and move it straight up to block the fireball generator. This uses only one block to stop the fireballs and the ones that are made go in the water. Also, the blue tank button is left open. You'll need to toggle it later. Now you can circle to the right and pick up the green key (but you really don't need it). Now, if you wish you can beat the three balls up the middle and open the green door to pick up the yellow key. You don't actually need the yellow key but it does open up this top area so that you can push one block over to the corner and use the other block. But, since you don't need that block, maybe it's best to not do this part. Now, on the left you need to build a bridge across the top of the chips to pick them up. You need all these chips. Put two blocks in the water and then use the ice path to slide blocks along. You'll get the idea. It does involve quite a bit of circling around to pick up the blocks, and some beating of the balls to toggle the tank button. [If you find the balls hard to beat, you can build a bridge across the ice below the balls and travel on it. However, you do have to move a couple of blocks from the right side to the left.] You will also pick up the blue key, which you don't need. On the right side, build down on the left edge (by the middle path) to get the force boots. Once you have these you can use them to walk on the force floors to build a bridge to the right across the top of the chips. There are extra blocks available for this -- you don't need every block. At this point you should have all the chips and the red key. Now, move carefully down and pick up the fire boots. Don't open the doors. You have to push a block on the ice and step quickly out of the way, then move over to the other side and push a block out into the water to get the fire boots. Now, carefully explore the force floor area to the right. If you push a block out into here at random it will move around and eventually hit you. Use the red key to open the middle red door on the bottom of the set of red doors. There is a red key protected by fireballs, but you shouldn't have to get this one, as you already have a red key. Take the block that is the one nearest the bottom of the level, and push it to the right. This should make it move on the force floors and end up where the red door was. Now push the block into the water but don't step on it right away. Once the flyers are headed away from you, quickly go through the chip socket and exit. My Best Time: 304 (695 seconds).

Level 147. FORCE FIELD. COZA. This level is tough, yes, but it is not half as bad as Doublemaze. The first thing to do is map the level. Once you look at the map you will see the pattern to the level. It is a checkerboard, with the 24 chips to get regularly spaced. Number the chips from top left to bottom right on your map. I got sticky dots and used the blue ones to stick on my map, then numbered the dots. There are four key chips at locations 8I [Chip 5], 8Y [Chip 7], 24I [Chip 18], and 24Y [Chip 20]. Note that these four are equally spaced from each other. They are the four transit centres, or hubs, that you need to travel through to get the chips. What I did was to examine the map and draw paths from each of these hubs to the nearby chips. It really helps to draw these lines/paths so that you can see where you have to go. It is very easy to get the chips from the 8I hub, not so bad from the 24I hub, difficult from the 24Y hub, and extremely difficult from the 8Y hub. There are two tricks. The first is that to get to the 24Y hub you must travel via the 24I. To get to the 8Y hub you must travel via the 24Y hub. You will get adept at moving through these hubs, but if you miss your "turnoff" you will circle back to the 8I hub and have to start your travel again. This can be frustrating but is not a serious problem. When you get to the hubs, just get used to the circling and learn when to make the turnoff. Actually, think of traffic circles and getting on and off them at the right places. The second trick is that the four chips along the right side of the level [Chips 4, 11, 17, 24] are accessed via the upper right hub at 8Y and not via the lower right hub at 24Y. Once you get all the chips it is easy to get the Suction Shoes and walk to the exit square.

Thanks to Patty Sawyer-Ethen for another solution to this level. Patty has created an Excel spreadsheet map of the level. The rows are numbered 1 to 32 and the columns A to Z, then AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, and AF. On the spreadsheet SS is Suction Shoes, # marks the chips, and force floors going down, up, right, and left are marked as v, ^, >, < on the Map. Also, here is a tip you might try. Use the options menu to change from color to black and white. The force fields might be a bit easier to see. Patty: "I can't begin to tell anyone exactly how to get through this level because a lot of what goes on in this one is beyond control (as you probably already know by now!). What I can tell you is that you will most likely get really tired of the space at M12 (maybe even a little nauseous!) and the space at I24 was always my starting off point to go to the right side of this level. First, pick up as many chips as you can on the left side of the level. I think I started having trouble with about 14 chips left. At this point, I just started clicking away madly, but after awhile I discovered ways to get around. As I said earlier, I24 is your friend (well, it was mine at least). Maneuver your way to this square. Now you will be in position to get to the right side of the level. To do this, start circling this space by jumping off either left or right (you will be circling counter-clockwise). Position your mouse cursor about 1 inch to the right of Chip and when he gets to the bottom of his circling start to click the mouse to make him go to the right at J24. Keep clicking to the right to make him go through K24. You will head up at M24, but just keep clicking to the right and hopefully with luck you will go right at N22. Click down at this point if you can and then get the chip at Q24. Now head off right to end up circling Y24 (which you will be circling anyway if you couldn'’t go down at Q22). Click downward or upward to get the chip at this spot. This spot will be your jumping off point for the chips in the upper right area of the level. To get to the upper region, while Chip is circling clockwise around this spot, position your cursor above him and start clicking upward. When you get past W22, you can go a couple of ways. If you click towards the upper right of Chip you will hopefully get to the chip at Y16. Now if you go left, you will automatically end up at U20. If instead at Y16 you head up and then keep clicking upwards you should end up at either Y8 or U12. Anyway, you get the idea. Whenever I ended up circling M12, I always scooted down to I24, then over to Y24 and tried again to get to the upper right region. The two hardest chips to get for me were AC28 and M4 (still don'’t quiteknow how I did either of these without a map). The map should make these easier. It looks like for M4, I must have gone left from I8. I automatically went up and right from there. Then I must have kept blasting right to go through I6, K6, and M6. From there, the natural progression would be right to M4. Anyway, somehow I got all the chips. After retrieving all the chips, you can get the suction shoes. Then you are free to wander around and see how the whole thing looks without making you nauseous or you can just get the h*** out of there!" Best Time: NT.

Level 148. MIND BLOCK. RGSK. This level is not difficult. I recommend clearing large areas of bombs, especially around the red clone button, so that you are protected from making a misstep. Best Time: NT. Here is another solution from Max Perry. Make a block and push it to the right side of the cloning machine so you can push the blocks left later. When that's done make a two square wide path going down, then get the chip in the space under the cloning machine. The make paths to the chips in the corners of this part of the level. To make two square wide paths on the left, right, and top areas bring blocks down on the lower area then push them up so you can make the paths two squares high. Then get the chips that aren't in the corners, but in the large spaces surrounded by bombs. Then get the chips in the corners. The exit square is in the top area's right corner.

Level 149. SPECIAL. DIGW. What is special about this level is that this is the only level where the exit square is hidden under a block. Get the yellow key and go through the yellow door. Get the blue key and go through the blue door. Get the red key and go through the red door. Ge the green key and go through the green door. Now go through the teleport (in any direction). Do not push the block that is against the wall in any direction (it has fire underneath). Push the other two blocks into the water at the right, building a bridge. Now build a bridge up using the two safe blocks (numbers 2 and 4 counting from the left). Now build a bridge up using two safe blocks in the middle (one is found at column 5 row 4, the other is at column 8 row 6). In the next area do not touch any blocks. Cross the ice to the top. Push the left block over to find the exit. 

Or if you are having trouble: After chip goes thru teleport, move U1 R2 U3 D6 R2 U1 L1 D1 L1 U14 R1 U3 R2 L1 D6 L1 U5 L1 U1 R8 U1 R2 >D1 R1 U4 D7 R2 U1 L1 D1 L1 U11 L4 U1 L1 END.

My Best Time: 949 (50 seconds).

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