Level 16. CELLBLOCKED. SKKK. You need to make a map to solve this level. The path is 4R12D4R4U4R8U4R8U4L4U20L4D4L16D4R8D20R4U4R4D. Best Time: NT.

Level 17. NICE DAY. AJMG. Use the chips as shields. Exits in the corners. Do you remember the "Happy Face" sunny face of the 1970's? Look carefully at this level to see why it is called NICE DAY. My Best Time: 77 (23 seconds).

Level 18. CASTLE MOAT. HMJL. It looks like your task on this level is to build a bridge over the moat (water), but all you need to do is go get the flippers hidden under a block in the top right corner. My Best Time: 538 (62 seconds).

Level 19. DIGGER. MRHR. The key to this level is to build pathways in a rectangle and get the teeth to follow you one way while you go and pick up the chips the other. My Best Time: 97 (113 seconds).

Level 20. TOSSED SALAD. KGFP. Take your time with the tanks. Be patient with the bee. Be quick with the balls. From Alice Voith's Chip page I got the hint that you don't need to pick up the chips in this level, because there is no chip socket protecting the exit square. This trick should help to shave some time off the time you need to get to the exit. By the way, the fact that there is no chip socket is listed as an error in the Microsoft files, but in the original Atari Lynx version of the game, there is no chip socket. So this is not a bug but a trick! My Best Time: 258 (142 seconds).

Level 21. ICEBERG. UGRW. Push three blocks onto the ice path (one at a time) and follow them. Then build a bridge two spaces to the right of the ice path. Build directly up. Be quick. Get the six chips then return and take the ice path to the exit. Here is a note from Dick Beck: "To do this level faster, don't build two bridges. Build the first one, then push a block up with you when you go to get the chips. Then, at one point, I don't remember quite where, push the block down off the platform where the chips are. You'll find a path that leads directly to the exit. 

Here's an update from Jason Tennyson. "You take one block, and move it like so.
I ^
^Ice path start.
Push the first block up in front of the fourth ice block like the arrow 
shows. Stomp it to make it a tile. Then, take a second block, push it up 
the same path, and step on it. Take a third block, push it up the same 
path, and step on it. Then, go down and get a fourth block. Push it up the 
same path. the fourth block will land on the platform with the chips. 
Collect the chips, then push the block to the place marked by the "*".
*=place where brown block should be.
Push the block down when it is in the right position. Follow the block to 
make it a tile, then press down again to follow the ice trail to the portal.

My Best Time: 43 (107 seconds).

Level 22. FORCED ENTRY. WZIN. Hit keys randomly and quickly to pick up the chips. The exit is at the bottom right. The title of the level means that you have to force your way in. My Best Time: 229 (71 seconds).

Level 23. BLOBNET. HUVE. Be patient. Take your time. My Best Time: 221 (279 seconds).

Level 24. OORTO GELD. UNIZ. The level name is an anagram for TOGLE DOOR (even if it is spelled without two G's) that is toggle the door switches (turn them on and off). This information comes from Chuck Somerville. A toggle switch is one that has two positions, on and off, or up and down. Most standard light switches in your home are toggle switches. At the start move UURRRLLLDR. This pushes the blocks so that the gliders toggle the wall opening buttons. Step on the green toggle button once so the walls are open longer. In the other sections, to save time, you can step on the green buttons so that the doors are open in the pattern you need for a particular area of the level. Keep darting in and out. Hint: Flyers in the chambers can't get you in the middle. You can stand in the toggle doors when they close and it doesn't hurt you, and you can step out when the door is closed. My Best Time: 280 (270 seconds).

Level 25. BLINK. PQGV. Go quickly. Enter the teleports from different directions and circle around to enter other available teleports from different directions. I found this level particularly tough and we have only done it twice. And now a better tip from Tom Li. "I found this level very easy, if you follow a special set of directions. I have written them in a special sequence. In this sequence, U means to enter the teleport from below, D means to enter the teleport from above, L means to enter the teleport from the right, R means to enter the teleport from the left, C means to pick up 1 chip, CC means to pick up 2 
chips, - means not to pick up any chips, and ** means to change teleports. Here is the sequence: UC, DC, UC, D-, UC, DC, UC, **, LC, RC, LCC, R-, LC, RC, LC, R-, L-, **, DC, UC, DC, U-, D-, **, RC, LC, RC, LC, RC, LC, R-, LCC, **, UCC, DCC, U-, D-, U-, D-, U- and exit. I got it through in about 403."
My Best Time: 166 (434 seconds).

Level 26. CHCHCHIPS. YVYJ. To beat the paramecium, step in quickly and step out. Make the chip blocking the clone button the last one you gather. My Best Time: 217 (83 seconds).

Level 27. GO WITH THE FLOW. IGGZ. Use the blocks to build a path to get the flippers. Step on the blue tank button to make them slow to move when the path to the exit is open. My Best Time: 109 (91 seconds).

Level 28. PING PONG. UJDO. The entrance is all the way around near the top left. Clear the middle chips so all four balls travel together. Build your bridges. My Best Time: 162 (138 seconds).

Level 29. ARCTIC FLOW. QGOL. Build a bridge from the middle over to the right. Repeat. The third bridge has to be built at the top. Follow the paramecium and push the middle block over to push the paramecium into the water. Build a middle bridge. One way to beat the second paramecium is to move the blocks so it is forced into the water. My Best Time: 250 (150 seconds).

Level 30. MISHMESH. BQZP. You have to push on all the blocks. Try to clear the maze in sections. You have to be quick but not frantic. My Best Time: 176 (424 seconds).

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