Level 31. KNOT. RYMS. This is a tough level. You must traverse the chip path in a knot pattern, making no missteps along the way. This is the path. Go quickly! RR6U7R5D8L6D15R6D7L11U8R6U7R5D7L6D8R6U. My Best Time: 3 (26 seconds).

Level 32. SCAVENGER HUNT. PEFS. Fire boots are bottom left, suction shoes middle right, flippers upper right. Force floor guarded chip is middle left, fire guarded chip is middle, water guarded chip is lower right. Exit square is in the middle. Try to get all three tools first, then the chips. But if you see a chip and you have the tool, pick up the chip. My Best Time: 127 (473 seconds).

Level 33. ON THE ROCKS. BQSN. What is needed here is patience. I recommend safety and putting blocks in the water so that a misstep won't put Chip into the drink. Best Time: NT. 

Level 34. CYPHER. NQFI. Cypher means code. There are three codes given as block patterns in this level. One is LLIO, the password for Level 82. The other is HPPX, the password for level 137. The other is JHEN, which is the password to level 146 "Cake Walk". Once you finish level 144 and "finish" the challenge, there are five bonus levels. One way to get to them is through passwords or CNTRL-K (ignore passwords in the Microsoft Windows version of the game). But the true way is to use the password JHEN which is provided to you in this level. If you go to the Level menu and select GO TO LEVEL, the window box will ask for a level number OR password. If you type in the above passwords, you will go directly to levels 82, 127, or 146. In the old Lynx hand-held computer game, these cyphers would have allowed the player to bypass the intermediate levels and go directly to the higher and more difficult levels. My Best Time: 291 (59 seconds).

Level 35. LEMMINGS. VDTM. Real lemmings are little furry animals that, when faced with overpopulation, run into the sea to drown. This allows the survivors to have enough to eat. Here in this level the challenge is to get the fireballs to act like lemmings and run into the water. Use blocks to send them on their way. My Best Time: 404 (196 seconds).

Level 36. LADDER. NXIS. Get the chips on the ladder first, then the line with the blue key. Go through the lower blue keyed door and work your way to the top to pick up one chip. Then go down the left side, using the blocks to hold each bear trap open. Get the chip. Now toggle the walls and work your way up for a chip. Now go back to the top, pick up the blue and red keys. Go back to the bottom right corner and go through the red door to the exit. My Best Time: 155 (195 seconds).

Level 37. SEEING STARS. VQNK. This level is not too difficult. Make sure when moving the blocks that you always have a way to get behind the block and don't push it into a corner. My Best Time: 343 (457 seconds).

Level 38. SAMPLER. BIFA. You need to pick the items up in this order: Green key, force boots, chip, red key, blue key, fire boots, flippers (have the teeth go into the water), yellow key, then exit. My Best Time: 406 (94 seconds).

Level 39. GLUT. ICXY. You can't beat the monsters. There is a tricky exit square right in the middle of the level. 

From Timothy Chang: "I notice on level 39 (Glut), you put that it's not possible to beat the monsters. I was experimenting and it actually is possible, though the exit in the middle is much easier. If you can step in and back out quickly enough for 3 monsters in a row (which is hard yet possible) you can exit through the area where the middle monster (of the 3 you freed) used to be." ... and "I re-experimented with the level, and you actually only need to free one monster! Free any monster (except in the corners) then let it chase you for a bit. Go back to the monsters and go EXTREMELY quickly through the space the monster was standing. You'll probably get trampled a bit at this point, as sometimes the teeth are faster tham they usually are, but it can be done!"

My Best Time: 14 (6 seconds).

Level 40. FLOORGASBORG. YWFH. Go up on the force floor and get the fire boots. Then circle around and get the flippers, then the force boots and the ice skates. Avoid the spies. Then exit. This level can be completed in under 20 seconds. My Best Time: 187 (13 seconds).

Level 41. I.C. YOU. GKWD. Thanks to Ron Judge for this solution. Get the 16 bee protected chips first. Beat the bees to the corner and they slow down as they have to go all the way around the corner. Go through the teleports from different directions. The hint gives directions for travelling into teleports (RDUL stands for directions to travel into teleports -- Right, Down, Up, Left). Starting at the teleport near the hint, enter the teleport traveling Right. After moving the block out of the way and collecting chips, enter the next teleport traveling Down. Next time enter the teleport traveling Up. Finally, enter the next teleport traveling Left. Start the second sequence of teleport directions from the teleport near the hint. In a similar fashion to what was described for the first sequence, enter teleports traveling Left, Up, Left then Up again. My Best Time: 120 (130 seconds).

Level 42. BEWARE OF BUG. LMFU. Go to the first corner and collect the chip. Hide on the outside of the corner and let the paramecium past. Go to the next corner and pick up the chip. Stay where the chip was and wait for the fireball to go past. At the next corner wait a long time in the corner for the bee to go past. This is the bug to beware of. At the next corner wait for the flyers then run to the next corner. Wait on the outside for the paramecium. Now RUN fast and get the rest of the chips. If you go too slow the bugs catch you from behind. Another tip from Tom Li: "After picking up the second chip and waiting for the fireball to pass, don't pick up only one chip and wait for a long time. Instead, pick up 3 chips along the way. By the time you pick up the third chip, you should be able to see the approaching bug. Let it pass, and then follow the rest of the way to the exit (wait in the inner corner for the glider and the outer 
corner for the paramecium. I got it through in about 185."My Best Time: 162 (136 seconds).

Level 43. LOCK BLOCK. UJDP. Go right and get the red key. Pick up the fire boots and the blue key. Unlock the blocks and build a bridge. Go left and get the second red key and build another bridge. Beat the ball to get the third red key and go back to unlock the third set of blocks. Build a bridge, get the red key, build another bridge, and exit! My Best Time: 84 (116 seconds).

Level 44. REFRACTION. TXHL. You don't have enough time to do a lot of waiting for the balls. My Best Time: 54 (246 seconds).

Level 45. MONSTER LAB. OVPZ. Go over to the bees and push a block in to stop them. Then build a bridge and pick up the fire boots and the force boots. Stop the tanks by building a bridge to the tank button and then stepping on it. Now go and stop the fireballs and balls. To successfully solve this level you have to make sure that all the "Monster Labs" have stopped making monsters. The way to do this is to stop the clone machines from functioning. Once that is done you can walk back to the spy, don't worry about him taking your gear, get a block and make a path around the fire. Exit! My Best Time: 140 (160 seconds).

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