Level 46. THREE DOORS. HDQJ. Pick up the red key and go down. Pick up the green key and go left. Pick up the blue key and chip and go up to open the red door. Go left and left one square and up to pick up the red key. Go down. Then move Chip to the right hand square and go up, up again into the fire, and up once more. Pick up the chip and the yellow key, then right and up to get the chip. Then down and right for a chip. Then back and down to the fire. Go left, left, LLURDLRRD. Now go into the water, through the yellow door, and pick up the chips and the yellow key. Do NOT toggle the green button. Go back into the water and go left to pick up the blue key and the force boots and the chip. Now go back through the force floor, up on the ice, and pass through the four keyed doors. After passing through the teleport, take the left hand exit. My Best Time: 170 (80 seconds).

Level 47. PIER SEVEN. LXPP. The challenge here is to build a bridge of seven blocks out to where the chips are in the middle of the water. From the bottom left hand corner count over 15 rows (including the bottom left corner) and build straight up into the water. My Best Time: 180 (120 seconds).

Level 48. MUGGER SQUARE. JYSF. The muggers are the spies that will take your equipment. One trick you need in this level is when going through a teleport you need to move up (or down, or sideways) just as you come out. This is because on the other side of the teleport is a force floor that pushes you right back through the teleport to where you were. Start the level with RRRDDDDLLLR (LU quickly to the fire area) UUUL (don't get the flippers). Get the skates first, don't pick up the flippers in the middle of the ice, then get the fire boots, then the force boots, then the flippers in the middle of the ice. Once you have the force boots you can avoid the spies and pick up all the chips. You need the flippers to swim to the exit square. My Best Time: 235 (65 seconds).

From Jim Domorod. Go past both sets of skates and enter the porthole by going on the force floor by the bottom thief.  When you get through, get the chip and the flippers.  Then return the way you came through the porthole and keep hitting keys until you get to the water area.  then it is easy to get the fire boots and, subsequently, the suction cup boots. 

Level 49. PROBLEMS. PPXI. Go left and quickly get all the red keys. Blast right and up and get to the top right door before the balls. Then go down and get the chips before the lower set of balls are released, and exit. My Best Time: 150 (50 seconds). There is a technical error in the Windows version in that there is a bear trap that won't release a paramecium. This makes it a little easier than the Atari Lynx version of the game.

Level 50. DIGDIRT. QBDH. Go seven steps right and build a path from the top to the bottom of the level, without touching the areas with the beasties. Fill in the right side areas, again without touching the areas with the beasts. Collect the chips on the right by diving into a beastie box and pulling quickly back out to the safety of your filled-in area. Remember that the bees and paramecia won't chase you. Repeat this filling in process for the middle and left sides of the level. Here's another solution from John Pope: "The way to get the fastest time is simply walk from chip to chip, just as if there were no bugs. You'd be amazed but this doesn't represent any undue risk. Follow this procedure: You start by walking a few steps to the right until you are squarely under the center of the "nest" above you. I'll use the word
"nest" to refer to the 3x3 hole with a chip in the center and a bug circling. Just walk straight up to the nest, pause a moment for the bug to pass you, then step right into the center and take the chip. The bug will continue around and then exit the nest via the path you entered. You then go straight to the next nest, do the same thing, and when the bug exits he sort of messes up the previous bug. If you simply go from nest to nest nothing can catch up to you. My Best Time: 225 (135 seconds).

Level 51. I SLIDE. IGGJ. One way to solve this level is to draw a tree diagram. From the centre area of nine blocks, travel in each direction possible from each of the eight blocks around the edge of the square. As you travel you are heading down a branch of the "tree". At each square you stop at (whether it has a chip on it or not), you are at a branch point (or node). Now travel in each of the three new directions that are possible (you just came to the node block by one direction, so there are three new directions left). Draw a diagram of where each of these directions leads. Eventually on the piece of paper you will have what looks like a tree. Some branches end in dead ends. Some have chips at the end. You need to travel all the paths to find all the chips. Then, when you are at zero chips required, go back to the centre area of nine blocks, leave from the top middle block to go through the chip socket, then go up again to find the exit. My Best Time: 287 (463 seconds).

Level 52. THE LAST LAUGH. PPHT. This is a very difficult level because it looks impossible (but it isn't!). I think that's why it is called the last laugh -- the joke is that you think it is impossible for a long long time, but then you see that it isn't. Very funny. Anyway, there is a monster stuck in a box, but who follows you and toggles walls that make it impossible to get up into the top part of the level. It simply is NOT possible to beat the fireballs across the gap, no matter how you try, to get into the upper part. Instead, head down the level to the place where the bees are circling. You will see in the center part, just above where the bees are circling, three force floor squares going one way and one force floor square going the other way. Step onto the force floor at the left (the leftmost of the three) and, when you are just barely past the second force floor square, quickly move down onto the force floor under the three. You have to do this in a way that the bees don't get you. Your objective here is to move so quickly that the monster goes over the green toggle button only the once. This will toggle the door by the fireballs and stop the fireballs so that you can get up into the top part of the level. Go up the left side and push the block into the water so you have an exit to the blue exit square. Then go back to the bottom of the level and fool the monster again to open the path to the right. Go to the top left to have the monster step on the button. You can use a block to stop the ball. Then exit. 

Here's a tip from Virginia Kleinheksel: "When you do the trick with the force floor and the teeth, instead of doing the left side first, go to the right side.  You can bring the block down and move it so the fireballs are blocked even if the right side is open.  Then you are free to go to the upper area and cause the monster to toggle the doors to work with you.  Then go to the left side to get the other chip and exit.  This is easier than fooling the monster twice." 

My Best Time: 364 (36 seconds).

Level 53. TRAFFIC COP. CGNX. The hint on this level is bogus (not true). Go step on the green button to toggle the doors around the exit square, then push your way through the force floor to get back out. You don't need any blocks. To save time, push a block striaght down to the water to make a shortcut to the green button (thanks to Sherri in Montana for this tip). My Best Time: 474 (26 seconds).

Level 54. GRAIL. ZMGC. Go Left and Down and make blocks using the clone button. You may have to do this a few times to get the knack of missing the water. Push the blocks into the water to get the red key and the flippers, and then the yellow key. Pick up all the chips. Flyers are easy to avoid. Go to the top right of the rectangle of chips, then down a row. Wait until the flyer is away at the bottom of the rectangle, then pick out one chip and back away. Wait until the flyer exits from this gap and goes away. Then pick up the chips. Get the fire boots then go through the yellow door and exit. Here is another solution by Nikolai. "The alternative solution is not to bother about the flippers of any of the stuff in the middle, and just go and pick up all the chips. Then after having got the last one of the group to the right go up, get the fire boots then force your way through the force field and get the green key. Then go to the bottom of the level go through the teleport, you'll find yourself in the top of the level go through the teleport, force your way into the next one (the one next to the yellow key door) you will be transported to the green key door. Force your way to it and exit." My Best Time: 244 (106 seconds).

Here's a note from Dan Blake. I'd like to share my alternate solution with a current best time of 318 (32 seconds).

Do as follows:

Start by going to the right, until you're above the 4-way force square. Then 
go down, and try to force chip down through that square. This is a little 
tricky. Also tricky is quickly getting off the force path to the left, where 
you need to pick up the green key without stepping in the fire. once you 
accomplish this (it may take many tries) get back on the force path, and get 
off near the bottom, by the fire boots. You don't have to pick the fire 
boots up, so don't worry about them. After this, collect all the chips below 
you, and also to the left of the center area. you should have all the chips 
you need now. Finally, go to the bottom center, where you should see a 
transport and force squares positioned like this : >o< . Step in the RIGHT 
transport square, and you will be transported to the inside, near the yellow 
lock. You have to force yourself back into the transport, and you'll come 
out on the other side, near the green lock. Get into the green lock and then 
you can easily walk to the chip-gate and exit.

Level 55. POTPOURRI. SJES. The level name means that there is a little of everything to be found here. Go down and uncover the two spies, then go up and beat the tanks to pick up the fire boots and blue key. Watch out for the spies under the blocks if you didn't uncover them at the start. Go left through the fire and pick up the chips. There is one hidden under a block. Go through the blue door and pick up the chips by the ice. Then go up and beat the balls. There's a chip hidden under a block. Beat the balls again and exit. My Best Time: 33 (67 seconds).

Level 56. DEEPFREEZE. FCJE. Use the force floor at the bottom left to step on the green button, then go down. Stepping on the green button opens a toggle door that must be open later for you to pick up some chips. Then go right, right to go through the teleport and pick up a chip. Travel up, then right and take the middle entrace down to go through the teleport the other way and get another chip. Now go to the top right quadrant and pick up the remaining chips. Go to the top left quadrant, pick up the ice skates, then go back to the right quadrant and exit. My Best Time: 93 (157 seconds).

If you found the instructions above to be difficult, here are more precise directions. From the start go 11D10LDD to the green button, then DRR and Chip travels through the teleport and picks up a chip. Then Up. Beat the ball to the gravel, then 8RDD which takes you through the teleport the other way to get another chip. Then DURUULUDDURU to pick up three chips. Then go get the remaining three chips in the upper right part of the level. Then, when the chip counter is "zero", go through the second chip socket from the top left to get the skates. Now skate to the top right of the level to the exit.

Level 57. STRANGE MAZE. UBXU. Its strange because of the funny walls, but it is straightforward. All the chips are there to be collected. My Best Time: 174 (226 seconds).

Level 58. LOOP AROUND. YBLT. There are four quadrants. Enter the one at the lower right first through a false wall five squares up from the bottom right corner. Go around the top, watching out for the two balls, and get the flippers. Now go back around the top to the opening to the water that is opposite the wall opening. Pick up the chip. Now "loop around" to the upper left quadrant. The opening in the wall is five squares from the left. Stop in the wall opening or the ball will get you. From a path to the water on the left side, swim out and get two chips. Now go to the bottom right quadrant. Loop around the top after entering five squares from the bottom left and swim out to get the chips. Now go to the bottom left quadrant and enter by the hidden door five squares from the top right. Loop around to the left and swim out for the chips. Reenter the force floor path to get to the chip socket and the exit square. Best Time: 459 (141 seconds).

Level 59. HIDDEN DANGER. BLDM. The "hidden danger" is the flyers that come back around on the ice to get you. Go down on the ice and all the way around. Now wait for the fire balls to be together away from you before you step on the wall opening button and move onto the second patch of ice. Get the red key and quickly go left and pick up all the chips. Wait for the flyers to come back, then zip down and pick up the flippers, fire boots, and force boots. Now head back up the way you came, get back onto the ice, and step through the fireballs (you have to wait for the gap). Go inside the fireball path to the bottom right, step through them again to the right and now head up to the exit. If you have trouble stepping through the fireballs, here is a tip from John Pope: "The best (and fastest) solution is to ignore the chips, you don't need them. You start by immediately sliding down, race past the fireballs, release them, continue sliding, have the down button pressed and ready to race down and left once you touch ground. Go to the "maze" entrance and move through it. At the end there is the a teleport (guarded by some flyers) which teleports you to the end. You're done. My Best Time: 346 (54 seconds).

Level 60. SCOUNDREL. ZYVI. This is a tricky level, but it can be solved in 14 seconds!! Go 11DRR6DLL9D and then push your way into the exit square without going through the chip socket. You don't need the force floor shoes!! The level name SCOUNDREL means that Chip can win by being tricky. My Best Time: 287 (7 seconds).

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