Level 61. RINK. RMOW. Here's a solution from Kristie Conway. "I was frustrated with level 61, RINK, Password RMOW, so I took the time to find the solution. It is colour coded: Black indicates movements, Red is picking up a Chip, and Blue is Exit."





My old notes: I found this one to be really tough. By scooting around I was able to get all the chips, but just couldn't find the way to the exit square. Finally, this is what I did. Using Microsoft Works (or Excel), I made an empty spreadsheet of 32 by 32 (32 rows and 32 columns). This is the size of a Chip's Challenge level. Then I mapped out the level on the 32 by 32 matrix. If you do this, map the solid blocks that you bounce off, the open blocks you can stand on, and the ice walls that you slide around, as well as the exit square and the chip socket that guards the exit square. The only way to effectively do the map is to have scooted around first so that most, if not all, of the squares have been "hit" by Chip, and therefore have revealed whether they can be stood upon or are solid barriers. You should pick up all the chips in this way. Then I looked at the map and marked in blue pencil the open squares that are dead ends. They can only be arrived at from one direction and lead nowhere. These I then marked as closed. They are of no value. Any open square that leads only to a dead end is therefore also a dead end. This simplifies the maze somewhat. Then, working back from the exit square, I mapped out the path to the exit square. After a while this gets tedious, but I found that I could get Chip to the bottom left of the grid (row 28, column 3 to be precise) without much trouble. From there the path is DRDRUURRUULD and exit. I hope this helps. If you still have trouble, let me know. Best Time: NT.

Level 62. SLO MO. TIGW. Look for lanes and travel up and right to beat the teeth to the exit square. The only way to beat the teeth there is to find open lanes where you can make progress to the middle right side fairly quickly. I tend to ignore the blobs. They will get you sometimes, but they travel randomly. If you wait for them to clear, the teeth, which chase you, will get you every time. My Best Time: 275 (15 seconds).

Level 63. BLOCK FACTORY. GOHX. Go directly up and make four blocks. Circle down to just below the first strip of ice and push one block up to the top row. Circle left and around and push the block into the water. Repeat until you have a bridge to the top chip. Now use the force floors to get the other chips. When you have them all, go left towards the bottom of the level, pick up the last chip, and exit. My Best Time: 411 (89 seconds).

Level 64. SPOOKS. IJPQ. Don't be distracted by the teeth (or spooks, in this case). Build your paths so that you never give the teeth a way to get at you. One misstep and you are toast! My Best Time: 376 (224 seconds).

Level 65. AMSTERDAM. UPUN. So called because the city of Amsterdam is made up of blocks of houses surrounded by canals, here we have "city blocks" surrounded by frozen canals. You have to make sure to travel all the paths and never push a block where it will meet another block and make an impossible 2-block barrier. A few times you have to push a block out onto the ice or into another "city block" area, to get it out of the way. The exit is at the lower right hand corner. My Best Time: 198 (302 seconds).

Level 66. VICTIM. ZIKZ. This is fun. Go down to the lower teleport but do not enter it. Wait a few moments for the teeth to close in on you (but they can't get you because you are protected). Then, quickly, go down, up, down, up, down, up, and down (seven moves). Part way through this you should have heard a "zoop" noise as you picked up the fire boots. You should end up in the safe middle area. Pick up the four chips there, using your fire boots to walk on the fire, then go up to the top and move the block aside. Toggle the walls. The chips keep the teeth out. Go outside through the top opening and pick up the other eight chips you need. You don't need them all. The teeth are lurking below, but don't come up for you. Then re-enter at the top and take the right hand path to the exit square. This level can be completed in 17 seconds! If you try other ways of solving this level, you will find that if the teeth are chasing you, lead them to one side, then quickly circle down and around them and run to a teleport. The level can also be completed this way. 

From Timothy Chang: "You only need to enter the teleport twice, down, then up (quickly or the teeth will get you) to get into the safe middle area. From there, simply go: L,U,2R,D,4R,U,L,U,L,U,L,U,4L,D,L,D,L,D,L,D,4U,5R,2U,9R. The exit portal should be right above Chip. Following this method, the teeth will never get you, and I managed to do it in 10 seconds!"

My Best Time: 284 (16 seconds).

Level 67. CHIPMINE. GGJA. Push on all the walls to dig down and get to the chips. Marie Setliff has provided the following solution.









6U4RUU5RDDLDDRLUURUU5LDDRRDD4L. My Best Time: 273 (427 seconds).

Level 68. EENY MINY MOE. RTDI. Go down right and push the block up to a chip to keep the paramecium from getting out. If you don't control him, he will make your life difficult later. Don't pick up the chips yet. Keep pushing him back until you have him pushed right up against the clone machine. Pick up the chips on your way back out. Now go up to the right hand side of the level. Find the wall opening. Go through. Push the first block up in to the wall and the third block up in to the wall. Push the second block to the right and then the third block all the way to the left hand wall. Build the bridges and pick up the chips. Leave the block at the entrance set so that flyers that are sent this way will get trapped in a circling pattern. Now go back to the lower left flyer area. Pick up the top two chips. When the three space gap in the flyers comes by, jump down and pick up ONLY the second chip down on the left. Hide there for the flyers to go by. When the three space gap comes by again, go through the flyers to the centre area. Build a wall just inside the bear traps from the middle left to the middle right. Then push a block into their path at the middle right side. Many will get stuck. Others will head out to the water area. When the last has left, quickly pick up the chips in the area and leave to the exit. My Best Time: 226 (424 seconds).

Here is some additional advice. You have to trap the paramecium first, then go right and get all the chips at the top right area. Leave the block at the far right up one space from where it started so that flyers coming this way will mostly be trapped in the water area. However, some flyers will still bump into one another and come back out, so you can't guarantee that you won't meet one coming back. Be ready to run. When you get to the block area where the flyers are circling, build your containment wall and get as many of them as possible stuck. Use the blocks you have available to build from under the top brown button, down the left hand wall, and across the bottom. With your second to last block, push it into their path, forcing them to bump into one another and get stuck. The rest will travel out to the water area. Then pick up the chips. The tricky part is when you have to travel to the exit square -- flyers sometimes are headed back. I found I could get them to come back and then get them to circle in the block area in a harmless way, letting me get to the exit.

Level 69. BOUNCE CITY. NLLY. At the start go 8RU4RURUUUUURRURRUULULLLLUUULLLLUURU. Follow the paramecium around, not too closely, and go to the right where there are four balls going up and down. Use the wall niches to hide. At the bottom follow the next set of balls up, hiding again in the niches. Now beat the balls on the right side, picking up the red and blue keys. Remember to move from left to right and back to get the best way to beat a ball. Now beat the four balls back down and go get the blue and yellow keys hidden in the wall niche. Go back down and open the yellow door. Get the yellow key. Follow the paramecium around and get to the exit through the keyed doors (watching out for the last ball). My Best Time: 170 (130 seconds).

Level 70. NIGHTMARE. GCCG. When you step on the bear trap opening button, move quickly and get to the green button to close the door before the fireball can get you. Trap the flyer up high, then release him and follow him down. Use the block to push him into a bomb. If the paramecium comes for you, use the block to keep him out. Get the yellow key. When you push the blocks onto the ice, step up quickly before they can come back and hit you. The top two blocks you need to push left out over the ice and into the water. Then follow them and step on them. Go up and hide under the red door as the fireball goes back to the water. Wait until the bee is in the corner, then step on the dirt and retreat. The bee goes in the water. Get the red key and exit using the path you made earlier with the two blocks you pushed into the water. My Best Time: 112 (87 seconds).

There is a technical error in this level is that there is a beartrap that won't release in the Windows version that does release in the Lynx version.

Level 71. CORRIDOR. LAJM. Push the first block in the water. Pick up the red key. Push the top left block over to the chip. There are four blocks in a rectangular pattern. Push the top block down one and pick up the two chips. Push the middle block down one and then push the two blocks into the holes in the side walls. Pick up the two chips. Move the top block of the two into the corner to get it out of the way. This is the only block you won't use. Now circle around and push the bottom block into the middle. You can now access the blocks. Circle around as necessary and push the blocks to the corridor where you started the level. Push the blocks into the water and build down the middle of the level to get keys and chips. This is the "corridor" that you need to finish this level. Repeat the process of getting blocks on the right side and keep building the corridor. Once you get the green key you can exit at the bottom of the corridor to get the blue key. Continue building the corridor. Use all the blocks. Finally, you will get to the red doors guarded by the flyers. Open one of the doors, dart in to get the blue key, then travel straight down the corridor. Open the blue and yellow keyed doors and exit. My Best Time: 282 (218 seconds).

Level 72. REVERSE ALLEY. EKFT. Wait until you hear the double click, then move past the tanks. Best Time: NT.

Level 73. MORTON. QCCR. Morton is the name of the teeth that you find in the middle of the maze. To defeat him he must be fooled into chasing you and getting himself lost. To accomplish this you must travel the maze in such a way as to lure him out of the centre area while not getting so close that he chases you down and bites you. To figure out how to accomplish this, I drew a map of the level maze, then made a plan of how to trick Morton. You could do this as well. If you would like more detailed instructions of what to do, read on. At the start move LLLLUURRRUURRRRRDDRRRRRUURRU [Chip 1] RUULLL [Chip 2] then go back to the starting point. Now move 12LU [Chip 3] L5URRDDDR [Chip 4] L10U (this is square 18,D) LL8URR6URUULLD [Chip 5] URRDDD [Chip 6] U4RUURRRDDRDD6LD [Chip 7] Return to square (18,D). Now move URRUURR6UR [Chip 8] URRRDDLD [Chip 9] U11RD [Chip 10] RDDDRRDDDDRRUURR6URR4ULLUL [Chip 11] UUURRD [Chip 12] ULLDD5LUULLLDDLDDRRDDRRRD [Chip 13] Now return to where Chip 11 was. From there move RDRRDDDDLL6DLLDDLL4ULLDDLL. Morton is now looking at you. Here is where you lure him away. Go: RRUURR6DLLDDD5L. Morton is now out. Now move RRRRRUUURRUURRUURR6URR4ULLUU6LUULLLDDLDDUURUU5L (you should see him following you), then 5RDDLDDRRDDLL (this is where you want to leave Morton. He is just to your left across a wall). Now travel to the centre and bottom left areas of the maze, picking up the rest of the chips, and make your way to the exit square at the bottom right. My Best Time: 258 (342 seconds).

Level 74. PLAYTIME. MKNH. Slide around left to the beartrap and go up just as the ball opens the trap. Collect the first chip. Exit on the ice from the upper square and beat the paramecia to pick up the second chip. To do this, try going along the bottom row after the ball and entering the force floor area from the bottom left. Now beat the balls from the bottom to collect the third chip. Use the two blocks to build a bridge out into the water for the last chip. Exit. My Best Time: 285 (115 seconds).

Level 75. STEAM. MJDV. This is a tricky and fun maze. Go ULDLLLLULLDLLLUULUURURRDRRUURURRUUURUUULLLUUULLLLUU6LD 4L4DLDLL7DLLDDRDDDL. Now that you have the fire boots and the flippers you can avoid the spies and go to the exit at the top left. My Best Time: 456 (44 seconds).

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