Level 76. FOUR PLEX. NMRH. At the start go right, right, down, right and go get the red key. Back through the teleport, then DD through the red door, pick up the blue key, and RLR and through the blue door. LRL and through the yellow door. You are now out of the "fourplex", or building with four apartments. Now use the blocks to explode the bombs. Be careful which way you step on the path (up or down) as you step quickly to avoid the sliding blocks. In the flyer area your challenge is to send the flyers into the bombs guarding the chips. Bear traps are always sticky. Step on the red clone button to make one flyer, then step on the small brown trap release buttons to send the flyer on to the next trap or bomb. Toggle the walls to make the flyer turn. In the next area pick up the chips. To get the keys, push the top block into the wall. Get the chip. Push the bottom block into the wall. Push the middle chip up. Get the fire boots and flippers and exit. My Best Time: 244 (306 seconds).

Level 77. INVINCIBLE CHAMPION. FHIC. There is one bee that will get you if you don't make a little path for him around the top right. Then follow the bees around to pick up the chips. My Best Time: 470 (30 seconds).

Level 78. FORCE SQUARE. GRMO. In the force floor area you can move one square at a time. Look at the directions of the force floors, and move topick up the chips. When stuck, leave the area through the left hand opening in the wall, and go through the teleports from different directions to get to new areas in the force floor zone. When you've got all the chips, get the red and yellow keys and make your way to the exit square. Here's a note from Tom Li (age 12). "I have a faster way to complete Level 78 (FORCE 
SQUARE) on Chip's Challenge. It is better to pick up the chips in one trip. Go: D R U U U L U R D 
R U R D D L D R D D D L L L L L U U R D L L U U R R U U U L L D R D. Make sure you settle down after making one move before making the next move. Now, go L U R U U on to the long force floor. When you are going left on it, hold down the "Left" key until you crack open a false wall. Then go through the teleports, pick up the keys, beat the monsters and exit. I got it through in about 450." My Best Time: 263 (237 seconds).

Level 79. DRAWN AND QUARTERED. JINU. There are four quarters to this level. The fun part here is that the fireballs go through the teleports. My Best Time: 144 (156 seconds).

Level 80. VANISHING ACT. EVUG. This is a difficult maze. It is possible to do it without making a map, but not easy. If you need help, the following instructions can be used right from the start or picked up part way through. Go: 4RURRURRD [CHIP 1] U5RUUL [CHIP2] R10U2L7D5L2U3R5U2LD [CHIP 3] URRDDD4L3U3L2D3LDL [CHIP 4] RDDLLDD3L2D2R [CHIP 5] LLUU3R2U4L5U4L2D2R2D4L4U3L2DR [CHIP 6] LDDRDDL3D3RD [CHIP 7] U5R2U [CHIP 8] DD3L2DRD [CHIP 9] RDRDDRRURURURRDDDDLLDDLLULLLLUUULULULLLLDDRRRDRDDLLLUL [CHIP 10] RDDDRDRRU [CHIP 11] DLLULLDDDDDDRRDD [CHIP 12] RRRRRRURRU [CHIP 13]DDRRUUURRUURRDDRRU [CHIP 14] DLLUULLDDLLDDDLLULLDDDRRRRRRUUURRDDDRR [CHIP 15] RRU [CHIP 16] DRRRRURRUULLLLUUUUURRDDDRRRRUUUR [CHIP 17] LDDDLLLLUUULLDDDDDRRRRDDDRRRUUUL and exit. My Best Time: 659 (141 seconds).

Level 81. WRITERS BLOCK. SCWF. You need every block to succeed at this level, so never move one where you can't use it. There are three blocks on the water's edge. By pushing the middle one in the water you can use the other two. Best Time: NT.

Level 82. SOCIALIST ACTION. LLIO. This is my favourite level. It looks impossible, but once you have done it, it is easy! Go over one square at the start, then up and push the block into the opening to block the bees. Then loop around to the right and go straight up. Don't waste any time. There is a path between the lines of bees. Go quickly along it. When you are about to run into the next line of bees, drop down one square and keep going left. Make it to the dirt at the left of the screen. Go down and lure one teeth monster into the water. Then proceed carefully along the bottom line until chased by the teeth and the bee. Get them in the water then move along the bottom path to the exit square. This level can be completed in 40 seconds! My Best Time: 959 (40 seconds).

Level 83. UP THE BLOCK. OVPJ. Go DDDRR then up and around and push the block to just under the force floor. Go back through the flyers and push the block down the far right path. Now move Chip down the force path just to the left, beat the flyers again, circle around to the far right and push the block into the flyer area. Use them to explode the bombs. Put the block against the gravel but one square down so that its upper right corner touches the bottom left corner of the gravel. As the flyers go down to explode the bombs, keep moving the block down to direct them to the bombs. When they have all been sent, use the block to explode the last bomb and collect the chips. In the area to the right, you need to again use a block to push the flyers into the bombs. But here you only need to explode two bombs to get the chips. Finally, get the last two chips and go back up through the first area to the chip socket and exit. My Best Time: 192 (208 seconds).

Level 84. WARS. UVEO. Push the block all the way to the left then up seven squares (24LDL7U). This directs the fireballs into the bees. This is the "WAR". Now move 6R3D4RURRDRRRU. Wait there until most of the bees are defeated. Then scoot directly up and get only one chip. Now wait for a break in the fireballs and go left to get more chips. Circle with the bees to get the last chip, circle back and exit. 

Here's another approach from Dallas Nazar

"There is a MUCH easier way to solve this level. I was just experimenting with this method I got a time of 568. Take the block left four spaces. Wait for the balls to pass and quickly go past them. If you are quick enough, you can get all the way through. As you go left (just after the bouncing balls), you will see three gray wall blocks. Push the block up past the left-most wall block of the three, and through the narrow corridor. Push the block right into the path of the bees, and get out of the way fast! The bees will go into the water, and you can safely pick up the chips. (You can shave off a few seconds by following some of the bees towards the water, then ducking down and circling to get the chips while the other bees are drowning.) Here are exact instructions: 4L, (pause for balls to pass), 12L, D, L, 6U, L, U, 7L, 7R (quick!) That should get the bees headed for the water." 

And from Jeff Giesler: "I was trying this level for the first time and found a way to solve the level in about 23 seconds (577 left). Take the block left four spaces. Wait for the balls to pass and quickly go past them. If you are quick enough, you can get all the way through. As you go left (just after the bouncing balls), you will see three gray wall blocks. Push the block up past the left-most wall block of the three, and through the narrow corridor. Push the block right into the path of the bees. When the first bee makes that first right to go around the block, fall into the pocket created behind the bees. You should be able to ride the pocket all the way around and pick up the chips. When you get back to where you started just pass the block and make your way to the finish. Here are exact instructions: 4L, (pause for balls to pass), 13L, D, L, 9U, Then follow the bees in the little pocket created by moving the block into the bees' path.

Finally, from Adam Dyer: "If you move the block in the way of the bees they go into the water fairly quickly, then you don't have to bother with the fire guys, just pick up your chips and go out the door :)"

My Best Time: 522 (78 seconds).

Level 85. TELENET. LEBX. You must go to the bottom left to get the blue key, then to the bottom right to enter the telenet. Pick up the chips and the red key. Use the red key to open the door, then find the exit. If you find hitting the fireballs is too frustrating, map the teleports so that you always exit a teleport into the safe area. Here is the map. The first teleport enter from the right, the second go up, etc. Follow this sequence from the first teleport: RUURURLURLURDULDRUURURLURLURDU. My Best Time: 48 (252 seconds).

Level 86. SUICIDE. FLHH. Blast left, pushing the block with you, then go down, taking the block with you. Use the block to stop the ball coming from the right and hide just to the left of the block. Be ready, though, to move quickly to avoid any flyers that do come toward you. Wait until the flyers destroy the bombs, opening a path to the exit. When the exit is clear, make a run for it. My Best Time: 347 (53 seconds).

Level 87. CITY BLOCK. YJYS. Build a path down to the bottom row of chips in the water area and build across the bottom to pick up the chips. By toggling the walls and pushing the blocks in the lower left triangle (inside the start area) you can use some of these blocks and pick up the chip. You DO need this chip. The same is true for the right triangle. Push those blocks toward the middle of the triangle (once the outside is clear) to use the blocks and get the chip. In the lower left area the block at the head of the ice path may be cleared by pushing it down the ice, then up into the water. Now add a second row to the path along the bottom of the water area and then build up the left side to get the chips. Build another path across the top of the water area to pick up those chips. In the bottom left area of the level the chips may be picked up by pushing the blocks up the force floors and out into the water. You can use these to help you build your path if you like. With all the blocks available, I found I had about 6 left over. So it is not critical if you make a mistake and waste a block. You have extras. In the bottom left area, there are four chips on the right. You need these and they are tricky to get. Get the top chip first by stepping on the force floor, then pushing it out into the path. Now step UP and around the block and circle around it by going on the ice path and get rid of the block in the water. Now push the bottom block over one space and into the path. Circle around and push the block down one space (but not down two into the ice because it will come back and hit you). Get the chip. Now repeat this process for the third and second blocks in the row, sending the blocks down and away from you so that you can get the chips and are not trapped. At this point you should have zero chips remaining and be able to pass through the chip socket. Thanks to Keith for the rest of this solution. Go and stand next to the chip socket. Move 5RDRRURRRDRRRURDDDLDDDDDRDDDULLDRDDDURDRURDR. Best Time: NT. From Thomas here is an alternative ending move. I refer to your prescription of the bottom left area. There is a very easy way to get the four chips on the right. Push the block on the bottom (right) one to the right and then go all the way up inside the middle path to the top of this area. Step right on the force floor and get all the chips on your way down. The block you pushed in your way at the bottom will be pushed in the space before the ice and you have free way to exit to the left and can go to the chip socket.

Level 88. SPIRALS. WZYV. This is actually not so bad a level. It is a race. What I did to solve it is to make a map. The level is 32 by 32, of which you can see 9 by 9 in the game window. This is only 8% of the level, so it is not easy to make the map. But once the map is made it is possible to plan a route to get the chips and beat the walkers. My strategy was to pick up the chips nearest the exit last, in order to block the walkers out. Follow this plan. Get the the first chip and travel Down through that chip. Continue along, and at the next chip you encounter, travel Down. At the third chip, travel Down. At the fourth chip, travel Down. At the fifth chip, travel Down. At the sixth, seventh, and eigth chips, travel Left. At the ninth chip, travel Up. When you get to the tenth chip, go Left back to where the ninth chip was, then Down back to where the eigth chip was, then Down. Now, when you get to the "U" near the exit square, go Down, Left, Up to travel the "U" and then continue on without picking up the chip near the exit square. At the eleventh chip, there may be walkers on the other side of the chip. Wait until they are going away from you and travel UP through the chip and head to the twelfth chip. At it, go Left and exit. My Best Time: 282 (118 seconds). It seems that there is a variation in the CC game that has a different level 88 for some people, even though the date on their CHIPS.DAT file is 07 September 1992 and is 108569 bytes long. Sent to me by Ruben Spaans is this l88-1.gif printout from level 88 that shows an extra wall two squares above the level's exit square. Strange. If anyone knows how this came about, please let me know.


Let's start with a tip from Marie Setliff, who writes "On Level 89, 
After you get the green key and pass through the first ice block thing to pick up the first chip, I find it much easier to get through the second by simply closing your eyes and running for it. I have yet to block myself in doing that. Good Luck!!!"

Go to the high right red button, make two blocks (one at a time, stepping on them) and get the red key. To do this from the starting point, go: URRDRRRUUDDRUU and repeat. After you get the red key push the left block up two spaces -- quickly -- then, very quickly, go LRD. Push the block you made into the water, go step on it, and repeat until you have made the path to the green key. Now, from the bottom, open the green doors and pick up the chip, go up and open the red door and pick up the chip. Now, quickly go down to the bottom of the four blocks area. Slide up, watching out for the moving blocks, then down, watching out for the moving blocks. Make sure you don't push a block when you slide. Now travel up and left and repeat the sliding/avoiding pattern. Watch for the pattern in the blocks movements and for the pause. Take your time. At the last block sliding area, circle up and right and push the top sliding block into the water. Get the last chip and exit. My Best Time: 324 (126 seconds). 

Here's a tip from Ben Friedrich: " In the ice-area, touch the block in the bottom-row from below, that will stop it and you have only 3 blocks to beat)".

Level 90. PLAYHOUSE. OLLM. Build over to the force floor that goes up. Go left through the disappearing walls and get the yellow key. Now build a double bridge across the water and get the chips and the blue key. Enter the lower ball area through a disappearing wall and go through the blue door. Slide to get the green key but avoid the one chip and the ice skates. Beat the balls and go right, beating the other balls. Slide across the ice and pick up the five chips. Now go through the green door and build a bridge across the water at the left edge (picking up the fire boots). Pick up the chips that spell out "GOOD JOB", enter the exit square area, get the remaining chips, and exit. My Best Time: 294 (106 seconds).

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