From: Chips2Info 

To: Chips Fan 

Sent: 5/11/02 10:26 AM 

Subject: New Levels for Chips Challenge 

Hello Chip's fan, 

You are recieving this email because at some time you sent an email to .  This email list is only used for special announcements.  If you want to be removed from the list, just let me know. At the present time, it looks like Chips 2 will not be published. That's the bad news. Here's the good news: Some very talented fans have been working to create new levels and a public domain version of the program that plays the levels. Brian Raiter has created a game engine called Tile World, named after the original working title for Chip's challenge, that faithfully plays the Microsoft Windows version, and the Atari Lynx version of the rules. Anders Kaseorg has created new artwork, with an updated rendered look. Dale Bryan oversaw the submission of hundreds of levels that were voted on by the fans at large, and compiled into a community approved level set called CCLP2 (Chip's Challenge Level Pak 2). These three elements have been brought together into a single release. 

A Zip archive of the Windows version can be found here:

An archive of the Linux version can be found here:

If you are running Windows, and dont know how to open a .ZIP archive, you can download a self-extracting archive here: 

If you choose to open the self-extracting archive, instead of saving it, then you will need to select a place to save it by clicking on the [...] button first. To run the game, find where you saved it, and run the program called tworld.exe.  

Use the up and down arrows to select the level set you want to play.  To play CCLP2, select CCLP2.dac, then press enter.  To get help during the game, press F1. If you need additional help, you can contact the main Chips Challenge newsgroup here: news:// or here: 

-Chuck Sommerville Creater of Chips Challenge

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