What levels did you find most challenging? It seems that levels 52 (THE LAST LAUGH), 82 (SOCIALIST ACTION), 96 (PARANOIA), and 131 (TOTALLY UNFAIR) are the most difficult to figure out. Level 91 (JUMPING SWARM) is difficult to execute. Personally, I found level 31 (KNOT) to be quite tough technically because you can hardly make a misstep and Level 136 (DOUBLEMAZE) took me forever to finish. I have to say that level 25 (BLINK) was hard to finally get that last chip - I only did it the once. BLINK is especially hard because it is the earliest level that is really hard. Up to then things are not too bad. After BLINK there is KNOT and then not too much trouble until THE LAST LAUGH.

From Linus Olsson. THE HARDEST LEVELS: Rink - This is a supreme hell... Blink - This one is tough, yes. Apartment - I couldnīt find the solution, until YESTERDAY! On The Rocks - This one too. Yuck! I hate it! Blobnet - I hate levels like this one!!! I still havenīt finished "Blobdance"! I donīt get one thing, why does everyone think that "The Last Laugh" is hard? I got the solution the first time I played it and I think the solution is obvious! Thatīs one of the easiest levels ever! Paranoia is also an easy one!

From Linus Olsson in June 2003: "Hi, it's Linus again. I just wanted to say that I saw the post I had written in the "Questions for you" section before, about the hardest levels. When I wrote it, I hadn't completed "Blobdance". Well now I have, and since I posted to your hall of fame, I wish you to rewrite what I said about Blobdance to avoid misunderstandings. You could also input "Doublemaze", "Jumping Swarm" and "Force Field" in my list too, since I very well think they are unbeliveable difficult.

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