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I'm a French teacher who has devised a system for teaching the basics of the French language to anglophones without the use of translation. I use a system of graphics and symbols to convey ideas and utilize a lot of cognate words. The emphasis is on oral production throughout the program. The students think in French from the onset of the program. Built-in repitition ensures mastery of the basics.

I have completed four levels of "Verbe en image", corresponding to six levels of the Alberta FSL Program of Studies. The material has been developed with a word processing program with advanced capabilities in the use of graphics. Each level is composed of five units with an average of twelve lessons per unit. There are five audiocassettes to accompany each level. The plan is to produce five levels.

Who Is It For?

The material is structured so that students at different levels of learning can work independently in matched pairs enabling the teacher to function as facilitator and guide rather than information source. The material was developed with junior high students in mind but is very versatile and could be used for upper elementary students, high school students or anyone wanting to learn French.

More Information

If you want more information please email me at wurfel@telusplanet.net or contact me at the address below.
Agnès Wurfel
4808 - 46 Ave.
T9S 1H8
(780) 675-2540

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